2019 Grammy Award

                The Grammy 2019… The Grammy awards has come and gone with loads of winners, but the man of the hour was no other than Chidish Gambino. The Actor/singer went home with four plaques on the night which was hosted by the ever sweet and delectable Alicia Keys, […]


                                                                AQUAMAN DC Comics had to come up with something big and they had to come up with it fast. Aquaman was next in line and this was make or mar season for them. Make being that the glorified second spot would still belong to them or even […]

Restitution is Out!!!

It has been a long journey to get to this point and I must say I am thankful to God. From a young boy who had big dreams to write, to all the Queen premier I had to read growing up; not just read but write it out […]

News February 19

Prof. Osinbajo/Tenant trouble/Elections It shouldn’t be much news again that the Vice President of Nigeria was involved in an accident involving the Helicopter he flew in to Kogi. The Helicopter crash landed but no one was hurt and the Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo continued with the campaign […]


CHIEF DADDY… Before I actually watched this movie, I was skeptical with the reports I had heard but being true with myself I decided to clear my mind off public opinion and watch the movie as objectively as possible. Without further ado lets get down to business. Chief […]


                        FLIGHT GONE SOUTH III Happy new year all, how have you all been? I presume great. If you are reading this then you are alive and that should be enough reason to be thankful. This post is in memory of those that have either lost someone in […]

The News Jan 19

AUSTRALIAN OPEN We kick-off from the Australian Open and It was mixed feeling in the women section to be honest. After hoping Serena would be able to make it her 23rd Grand slam, she dramatically fell short after being in a commanding lead to win the match against […]


BUMBLE BEE It is official I might actually be getting tired (I am tired joor) of the movie TRANSFORMER but one character that always stood out for me is (errrr it is definitely not Optimus Prime with his deep voice, sounding like a Nigerian elderly man giving us […]

The Joy of Expecting…

The Joy of Expecting… This particular night, my dog needed a medication the Vet told me the name of the drug is dexa something…. Wait let me go check the name again……… Oh! Got it DEXAMETHASONE (but sincerely why does the medical profession name drugs so annoyingly frightening […]