The NEWS…   How did our weekend go people? Mine was with a little bit of malaria but I am okay now. This weekend as been filled with surprises, trust me, especially in the World cup. Relax and enjoy the news for today.   WORLD CUP SHOCKERS As […]

Nigeria in blood and fire…

Nigeria in blood and fire… This has been one very tough week for Nigeria and Nigerians all over. The week is not over, and we have been in tears, sorrow, anguish, pain, frustration, insecurity. Our hearts are heavy and our confidence on an all-time low. It is so […]


WORLD CUP STORIES: ROMELU LUKAKU I have always been an advocate of stories that inspires; stories of men or women that have started from nothing and made something out of a seemingly hopeless situation and this story of a young man is something of note. His name ROMELU […]


The NEWS: PLATEAU MASSACRE It had really been a black weekend and I could not bring the news to you yesterday because of the happenings in Nigeria. It is disheartening to read some of the news and report it here and I have just been able to get […]

The World Cup News… It is that time of the year, it happens just once in four years and it can be considered the peak of football. It is the world cup and every nation that qualified for it are warming up to represent their country and maybe […]