BE You!!………….. Do You!!!

BE You!!………….. Do You!!! I watched a movie yesterday and I was just excited. I will be doing a review on the amazing movie, but I had lessons I learnt from it which I would love to share with my ardent followers. When people talk down on you, […]


THE “INFINITY” NEWS AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR… Ladies and Gentlemen, 10years has been leading to this, even Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner) had goofed last year letting us know it wouldn’t go all well for the superheroes in this Avenger movie but who would have suspected? Anyways the reason for […]

Kanye West: Genius or Madness

Kanye West: Genius or Madness So, Kanye West came out from his self-imposed exile from social media and we thought all was well with him, probably he was trying to spend time with family or recuperate from the breakdown he had a while back. When the news filtered […]


RAMPAGE I was advised to watch this movie by a friend, though I was a little hesitant about it, Dwayne Johnson and most of his movies always seem to have the same line to me; the big guy saving the little guys and at the end of the […]


#ThanosDemandsYourSilence This is the news for the week, but first and foremost, let me say happy new month to all, happy worker’s day to everyone that has woken up 4am to go to work only to return 11pm just to do it all over again. To those mothers […]


  THE NEWS…     Our “Not so Honourable” Senator… Let us start the news with our ‘video dancing Senator’ as BBC refers to him. Dino Melaye has been facing trials and tribulations recently after being arrested, his troubles started from him angering his constituent who he has […]


DEN OF THIEVES…   As the title implies you should already know what to expect from the movie. A group of guys with military background and also ex-convicts come together robbing banks in Los Angeles, the heart of Bank robberies. This crew had overseen so many bank robberies […]


IN MEMORY OF THOSE WE HAVE LOST…   I hope this piece brings closure to those who seek it. I hope it also reminds those that have abandoned their parents due to work stress and life stress, remember life is too short so create memories with those you […]


THE “MACE” RUNNER… I was going to review the actual movie THE MAZE RUNNER till Nigeria had to usurp it with an action park twist of our own. This was not acted by young men in their field of service but by men in their seventies, sixties and […]