BULLYING 2 Thank you all for the personal messages sent to me on the different platforms regarding this topic, it is one that affects us one way or another and the general aim is to leave the world better than how we left it. Having said this I […]


BULLYING… The hardest I have ever cried is when my youngest daughter had her breaking point at the hands of her bully. That week of my life made me feel like the worst father in history. My daughter is socially awkward, meek, shy, and has trouble making friends. […]

HOME #11

EPISODE #11 Jemi and TJ headed towards the entrance of the event centre. TJ took one last longing look at the place before the Uber came along, “TJ you can still walk back in and perform you don’t need to sacrifice it all for me” Jemi said, catching […]

No Light

Welcome to a new day and we have a special writer in the house, you will be seeing his write up from now on. He is very deep I can assure you. This first post says a lot and most of us can relate… Read, Enjoy, reflect and […]


Spiderman: Homecoming Having announced the buyback of Spiderman from Fox, I was very excited for MARVEL and the Spiderman franchise, you see Spiderman growing up was one of my favourite heroes, asides his witty talkative nature he was just a boy with brains trying to make sense of […]

Home #10

EPISODE #10 Jemi came to the rehearsal room to find TJ waiting, “someone has learnt to come early” Jemi commented in a sarcastic tone, “I guess that wouldn’t be going away anytime soon, ever” TJ replied, “Oh, you can be rest assured it isn’t boy, I am just […]

Wonder Woman

Wonder woman Wonder woman… o wonder woman what a wonder wow man!! That was me trying to rhyme up there lol. So this is supposedly the most talked about movie in 2017, why? You would ask. Because this is the first Heroine movie hitting the cinemas this big […]


  The Incredibles 2.. So I was trying to update myself with new releases to expect for next year, I know it is quite soon, but hey if I don’t bring you the juicy stories who would? Unless you love movies like I do especially my cartoons. Let […]


Transformers: the Last Knight… Happy New Month to everyone, may the second part of this Month be the best ever for you, may the force be with you. Special shout out to Jennifer, Happy birthday dear… Once again another transformers and to be honest I really thought I […]

Boss Baby

Boss Baby… Everyone knows my love for cartoons, if you don’t know now you do lol. I always take out time to check out cartoons for the year and this one sort of slipped under the radar I must confess but I had to watch it. I would […]