Happy New year Everyone

HAPPY NEW YEAR… Happy new year everyone!! It has been an amazing 2017 with the blog and I owe it to God and to everyone that took out time to read the blog, like it and comment. You all are amazing. Welcome to 2018 where we hope to […]

Merry Christmas…

Merry Christmas to everyone, it has been a while I have been in this space, Work and Malaria did not want me to be great but Mercy said No!!. So for everyone who has contributed one way or the other to the success of the blog, I want […]

NEWS: Say No to Recycling

NEWS: Say No to Recycling Good day everyone, hope you had a memorable weekend, mine was wonderful till United lost to our noisy neighbour City sigh… Let us head to the news of today.. You all must have heard about the famous reply of Atiku to I-go-dye; after […]


#SARSREFORM First and foremost I want to congratulate every youth out there who took it upon themselves to fight back the injustice befalling us in our very own economy, our country and place of birth. The #EndSARS did not start this weekend but was gradually building up steam, […]


JUSTICE LEAGUE Before I watched this movie, the reviews where not great, on the day I wanted to watch it, it was not so good a day so I was being sceptical, I was hoping and praying I was going to be objective and made a resolve that […]

Flight gone south II

 Good morning everyone, I just want to use this medium to recognize and celebrate a true African, a man who shows love not through just words but action, Samuel Eto’o Fils on paying for the flights of many Cameroonians from Libya. Leaders don’t need offices before they truly […]


News… So the White wedding of BankyW and Adesua came and went over the weekend it was everywhere on our timeline and we from Tobyland blog want to say a big congratulations to the Wellingtons, may God bless your Marriage. Oritsefemi also got married to his heartthrob Nubia […]


BLACK EARTH ON THE RADAR ******************************* Scientific proof: There are as many universes as the stars; Implication: There are an infinite count of earth to outlast the human kind, Approximately five to the power of X-unknowns, There’s the earth of red people; White people, brown people, yellow people, […]