SPIDERMAN: FAR FROM HOME…. So, for few minutes we will not allow the sad news about Marvel and Sony get to us regarding not finding a common ground with the Spiderman franchise and on the future of this amazing character that is supposed to be Tony Stark of […]


CHIEDOZIE LIVE ON STAGE! Chiedozie is a Nigerian writer, poet, playwright and singer whose work is inspired by the journey of finding home, a place of acceptance, inclusion, love and laughter. His poems and performances are aimed at endearing people to the beauty in dissimilarity, and his stories […]


FLIGHT GONE SOUTH V OJ is back again after a long absence from this space. While I was gone. Obaz finally got married, you remember that my cousin that lives in Lagos and must go through all the stress of Lagos life? Yes, that is the one that […]


THE NEWS 9TH SEPT….. Politics… So, few days ago, the Governors of the Federal Republic of Nigeria celebrated their 100days in office and I have tried to look at those that have performed, those that I don’t see anything worth commenting about and I will mention just a […]


ANGEL HAS FALLEN… When you think, what else can the producers of Olympus has fallen and London has fallen can come up with, they hand me their drink and tell me to hold up and BOOM!!! They give me Angel has fallen. Just reading my first paragraph should […]

Say No to Xenophobia…

Say No to Xenophobia… I have tried to calm my nerves with reports about the attacks of other nationals in South Africa, not for the first time or the second. South Africans have taken it upon their selves to kill, destroy, beat, stone, vandalize and burn other black […]

The News 2nd September 19

THE NEWS… FOOTBALL… It has been a weekend full of emotions and roller-coaster in the world of sports and I will just give some of the highlights of the day that are newsworthy. I will start off with Football and it was a weekend with loads of draws […]

The US OPEN… Other NEWS…

THE US OPEN… The US Open is here again and I have three favorites, two favorites this year if I am being honest in the women’s category that is. My home girl and forever number one Serena Williams and the new emerging 16year old which we all call […]