EPISODE #6 P.S This episode is dedicated to my Mum, just found out you read the series (now I have to watch what I write lol). To every mother out there keep being the best mum you can be. I love you… we all love and appreciate you […]

Lagos Happenings II

Lagos Happenings… I Obaz reporting once again for Lagos happenings, don’t get it twisted I am a Lagos boy confirm, don’t dull I know the ins and outs of Lagos like the back of my hand and one other thing I love to see the happenings of Lagos […]


HOME EPISODE 5 “Toriola come out this minute I know you are there” Mrs Ajayi called out, “Now is not a good time to talk Nuru, can we leave that for later” Tori says to Nuru on the line, annoyed she was caught in her spy assignment, “Okay […]

King Arthur

KING ARTHUR Finally I got the chance to watch the famous Arthur movie, mind you I was sceptical about the movie first because I had watched the series MERLIN, which was not bad at all and then I also had watched the very old makes of King Arthur […]


MARRIAGE Last weekend was a busy one for me and no contrary to what you think I was not in any wedding neither was I present in Banky W and Adesua’s introduction lol. But the little time I got to sit down and relax, one topic kept disturbing […]

Home #4

HOME EPISODE 4.. Gram-mii could not believe what she heard, even with all her scheming and prediction she never anticipated this outcome. It was even worse than she thought. “Bukola go and meet your husband and calm him down, Tori and I will stay with TJ and watch […]

Lagos happenings…

Memoir of a Lagos street hustler…   My name is Obaz and I am here to tell you about my adventures on the streets of Lagos, join me as I take you on the day-to-day happenings of life in Lagos and how the little things make a whole […]

Home #3

HOME EPISODE 3 On the day of the match, Tori goes to TJ’s school to meet with TJ’s friends, “Hello Tori what brings you to our amazing school” Mark asked, looking lustfully at Tori, “young man I am old enough to be your aunty that look is so […]


              OLUFEMI ANTHONY JOSHUA The new IBO World Heavyweight champion of the World, I am sure everyone already knows that by now and if you don’t know now you know. Three and the half years being a professional boxer, been in 19 fights and all knock outs with […]

Fast and Furious 8

FAST and FURIOUS 8   So it took a while hitting the screen in West Africa, Nigeria but it was worth the wait. So after Fast 7 I was apprehensive because the whole Paul walker saga and death, the emotional thriller and the end to a character with […]