EPISODE 3… “Saul, you have been avoiding me”, “who are you show yourself” “You know who I am, let us stop playing these games Saul”, “If I really knew who you were, I wouldn’t be asking now would I?”, “Why are you so stubborn, so adamant, so strong […]

The Man named P!

    Our friend, our brother – the one we called P!   “Fred! Fred!! Deola is dead! Fred, Piero is dead”!!!   Everything froze at this moment. Like what? I just had a chat like 2 days ago with P! It’s been a long journey trying to […]


Episode 2… “What happened to him?”, “He was attacked by armed robbers, He has lost so much blood, possible hemorrhage and concussion too”, “take him to the emergency ward quickly, his vitals are looking bad and make sure he is attended to by Dr. Olubiyi, he has a […]

NonsoMuojeke News…

THE BOY THAT WAS RESCUED BY HIS CLASSMATE… I will start today bright and early and let you all know there is good still in humanity and all it takes is a collective effort to show love and everything else would fall into place. The place is Ireland, […]

Born a Crime…

Review: Born a Crime… In my latest bid to read at least a book in a month, the scintillating best-seller BORN A CRIME was my latest victim in this bid, which to be honest is not easy at all in between work, novel writing, blogging and finding spiritual […]


                                      RESTITUTION It had been an amazing day, Chidi had married his heartthrob of five years. It had not been an easy ride to be honest; from staying celibate especially when his flesh had wanted to devour her to the countless prayer meetings and fasting. Chidi knew what […]

The Primaries’ News

The Primaries’ News Good morning everyone and hope your weekend was great, after such an eventful weekend in Nigeria the rains came down to wash away the events, befitting if you ask me. So down to business, Atiku emerged winner of the PDP presidential primaries which was keenly […]

Presidential Primary in Nigeria

Presidential Primary in Nigeria It is that season again in Nigeria, A season where we go to the polls to vote, either our votes count or not, people do have to come out, either we are forced to vote a particular party or bribed to, people do have […]

Happy Independence Nigeria

Happy Independence Nigeria BIG 58!!! Happy Independence Nigeria, through all what we have faced and are facing as a country we will not relent to pray for the good of Nigeria because in it lies our own peace and good. One day I hope we will be able […]


IT’S BEEN A YEAR… It is already a year… whao!!! 12 months ago, when my life was changed forever, 365days when I got that dreaded call that changed everything. The call disguised to bring me home in one piece, but my spirit already knew its purpose and my […]