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The Molested Child

The Molested Child I came across this story and I am compelled to share because awareness is key to fighting this unwanted happenstance. It is a collective effort. Here goes a story…    It’s end of my first day of school…  Miss Ugo asks us to hug each […]

The tale of ZAGABU: Wonder drug

NAFDAC CERTIFIED OR NAY! ‘Try am, the melecine dey work well well’ He told me, looking as sure of his charm like a Nollywood witch doctor. He was wearing a brown oversized washed up coat in the sultry Lagos afternoon. He kind of looked like a modern-day John […]


LAGOS HAPPENING V…. Your guy is here again my people and it is not a funny tale this time around, I Obaz, I’m going to tell you about my ordeal in Lagos at night. So after work this beautiful Wednesday I was heading home with two of my […]

Lagos Happening IV

Lagos Happening…. It is your friendly street boy Obaz again, yes it has been a while ooo, I have missed you too. I kuku have a story for you people as usual and trust me I was minding my business when the story came to me nii ooo. […]


BULLYING 2 Thank you all for the personal messages sent to me on the different platforms regarding this topic, it is one that affects us one way or another and the general aim is to leave the world better than how we left it. Having said this I […]

Lagos Happenings II

Lagos Happenings… I Obaz reporting once again for Lagos happenings, don’t get it twisted I am a Lagos boy confirm, don’t dull I know the ins and outs of Lagos like the back of my hand and one other thing I love to see the happenings of Lagos […]

Lagos happenings…

Memoir of a Lagos street hustler…   My name is Obaz and I am here to tell you about my adventures on the streets of Lagos, join me as I take you on the day-to-day happenings of life in Lagos and how the little things make a whole […]

Love in the City

In the heart of city, the moon is full tonight, the stars are brightly hung all around the sky, but in the still of the night a voice is heard, a sweet tiny voice, Kemi’s voice can be heard “It is almost two days to Valentine, they say […]