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Episode 6…  Shout out to Stan Lee. You are a true legend and you will never be forgotten. You made our childhood Amazing and we have MARVELED all these years and your creativity. You will be missed…                                                         ********** Kirikiri Prison…… “Prisoner 3160 it’s your turn to cut […]


Episode 5… Sunday Morning… The radio can be heard blasting loudly from the corridors; “Good morning ladies and gents out there, it is a beautiful Sunday morning and why don’t we just give God some praise, I got some songs lined up that would enrich your spirit man, […]


IF YOU MISSED EPISODE ONE TO THREE YOU CAN CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO FOLLOW THROUGH ON THE JOURNEY… RESTITUTION Episode 1 RESTITUTION Ep. 2 RESTITUTION EP. 3 Episode 4… “Stop there!!!” the policeman screamed as the vehicle came to a halt. The other policemen on patrol […]


EPISODE 3… “Saul, you have been avoiding me”, “who are you show yourself” “You know who I am, let us stop playing these games Saul”, “If I really knew who you were, I wouldn’t be asking now would I?”, “Why are you so stubborn, so adamant, so strong […]


Episode 2… “What happened to him?”, “He was attacked by armed robbers, He has lost so much blood, possible hemorrhage and concussion too”, “take him to the emergency ward quickly, his vitals are looking bad and make sure he is attended to by Dr. Olubiyi, he has a […]


                                      RESTITUTION It had been an amazing day, Chidi had married his heartthrob of five years. It had not been an easy ride to be honest; from staying celibate especially when his flesh had wanted to devour her to the countless prayer meetings and fasting. Chidi knew what […]

Na Dem Dey Rush Us- Gbèngá

Na Dem Dey Rush Us- Gbèngá Fully packed with hypnotic lyrics, appealing vocals and unalloyed composure, this awesome single from indie artist, Gbèngá, shoes deptness creativity and distinguishable spontaneity. It is an amazing tune motivated by the viral video” Na Dem Dey Rush Us “. One cannot afford to […]

Flight gone south II

 Good morning everyone, I just want to use this medium to recognize and celebrate a true African, a man who shows love not through just words but action, Samuel Eto’o Fils on paying for the flights of many Cameroonians from Libya. Leaders don’t need offices before they truly […]


It is Fri yay!!! The weekend is finally here and we are happy for that. A new write-up today to start your weekend. We are monitoring things in Zimbabwe and Nigeria will be represented at the Winter Olympics for the first time ever, after their women’s team qualified for […]


LAGOS HAPPENING VI Birthday Shoutout to a special person, a father to many, a mentor and a wonderful personality Daddy Folarin and to a good friend turned brother Nurudeen. May God bless you both. P.S Nuru we are coming to eat rice this time next year ooo (I […]