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                                       FLIGHT GONE SOUTH VII Compliments of the season and welcome to the year 2020. Happy new day, Happy end of the week, Happy new month, Happy new year and happy new decade. Towards the end of last year, I had to disappear for a good reason. First […]

The Welcome of my beautiful Pride and Joy…

The Welcome of my beautiful Pride and Joy… I have been offline for three weeks, for my esteemed followers, I am totally sorry for keeping you in the dark. But something remarkable happened, something indescribable, something absolutely beautiful, something so miraculous, words are not enough to describe it. […]


A FEW DECADES ON EARTH… Today begins the end of a decade out of a few I have seen here on earth and I thought I was going to write a blockbuster writeup when I get to this age. But you know the thing about Life it tends […]


FLIGHT GONE SOUTH IV… Hi Everyone, remember me? I am OJ for those of you that do not know me. So, you all have forgotten me so soon sigh. Humans! So typical, out of sight is out of mind yes? I have been gone for like a month […]

Restitution is Out!!!

It has been a long journey to get to this point and I must say I am thankful to God. From a young boy who had big dreams to write, to all the Queen premier I had to read growing up; not just read but write it out […]


                        FLIGHT GONE SOUTH III Happy new year all, how have you all been? I presume great. If you are reading this then you are alive and that should be enough reason to be thankful. This post is in memory of those that have either lost someone in […]

The Joy of Expecting…

The Joy of Expecting… This particular night, my dog needed a medication the Vet told me the name of the drug is dexa something…. Wait let me go check the name again……… Oh! Got it DEXAMETHASONE (but sincerely why does the medical profession name drugs so annoyingly frightening […]


EPISODE 8… “What is it?” Shade asked, wondering the sudden change in her husband’s mood. Chidi did not answer he kept staring ahead towards Saul who had commenced with the prayer, “Please let us sit down darling, it is quite embarrassing just standing and staring you know.” Still […]


EPISODE 7… “Let us see your God save you” the inmate said, before raising the improvised knife up, held it up for a while, trying to enjoy every minute possible of the dastardly act, grinned and counted down unconsciously to his favorite number. ………………………………………………………………….. “Saul are you ready […]