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SHAZAM! HAPPY NEW MONTH EVERYONE AND WELCOME TO MY MONTH…. So, we could not have review Friday because of pending issues we needed reminding of, but I decided to move it to a Saturday amazing right? Today We will be looking at SHAZAM the movie by DC comics […]


AVENGERS: ENDGAME… Avengers: Endgame was the cumulation of an era for Marvel. It was the end of a thoughtfully laid out plan by Marvel. It started with Ironman up till this point and every good thing they say that as a beginning must have an end sadly. Over […]

Captain Marvel

                    Captain Marvel I have been holding up on this review for a while now because of the thrills of Avengers: Endgame but it is time to go all review on it and expect the ENDGAME review next week. Believe me I have been waiting to share my […]


GLASS… This movie was supposed to complete the story arc of both UNTOUCHABLE and SPLIT. One talked of a man that seemed indestructible and very strong which was played by Bruce Willis while the other talked about a man with multiple personality disorder with one of them being […]

Game of Thrones vs Avengers: Endgame…

Game of Thrones vs Avengers: Endgame… It is Friday and that means the weekend is here hurray!!! And if you check your dates it means something significant to Movie watchers like me. Countdown to the GAME OF THRONES season Finale and also AVENGERS ENDGAME. I am so excited […]


                            CREED II Before I start with the movie review I would like to wish my mum, my first love a happy birthday God bless you mum. I love you. Mwuah!!! There are still a lot of movies in 2018 apparently that needs reviewing so I am just […]


                                                                AQUAMAN DC Comics had to come up with something big and they had to come up with it fast. Aquaman was next in line and this was make or mar season for them. Make being that the glorified second spot would still belong to them or even […]


CHIEF DADDY… Before I actually watched this movie, I was skeptical with the reports I had heard but being true with myself I decided to clear my mind off public opinion and watch the movie as objectively as possible. Without further ado lets get down to business. Chief […]


BUMBLE BEE It is official I might actually be getting tired (I am tired joor) of the movie TRANSFORMER but one character that always stood out for me is (errrr it is definitely not Optimus Prime with his deep voice, sounding like a Nigerian elderly man giving us […]