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                                           FLIGHT GONE SOUTH VI It is your guy again, OJ and my experience as a flight Host is never ending believe me. Sometimes you think you have seen it all but meeeeehn!! Flights are events that keep giving ooo and I am one to keep sharing. Without […]


                           THE JOKER… In this melodramatic movie, one that reminds us of movies in the 70’s. Arthur Fleck tries to fit into a world that is not forgiving in Gotham city. A joker by day. He is cut between his daytime job and trying to fit in. With […]


SPIDERMAN: FAR FROM HOME…. So, for few minutes we will not allow the sad news about Marvel and Sony get to us regarding not finding a common ground with the Spiderman franchise and on the future of this amazing character that is supposed to be Tony Stark of […]


ANGEL HAS FALLEN… When you think, what else can the producers of Olympus has fallen and London has fallen can come up with, they hand me their drink and tell me to hold up and BOOM!!! They give me Angel has fallen. Just reading my first paragraph should […]

The US OPEN… Other NEWS…

THE US OPEN… The US Open is here again and I have three favorites, two favorites this year if I am being honest in the women’s category that is. My home girl and forever number one Serena Williams and the new emerging 16year old which we all call […]

Marvel Universe Phase 4

Marvel Time… Over the weekend during a Comicon Marvel Universe in conjunction with Disney announced some mouth-watering movies and series to look forward to as movies and series and you will also see it in their Disney+ streaming channel. I was left amazed and gasped at the line […]


MULAN… I am proud to announce that DISNEY will be doing the amazing childhood animation MULAN into a Movie. Oh, wait before I scream let me let you in on something. The same Disney that own and produced all the Marvel movies like Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity war […]


X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX… After the very epic Avengers: Endgame, watching any Marvel movie was going to be tricky for me even if it was made before the buy over of Fox by Disney. Though X-men has not been introduced to the Marvel Universe it still felt strange. Let […]


ALADDIN… During the week my sister took us on a treat to the movies and though we went there in anticipation of Dark Phoenix we opted for ALADDIN in 4DX OH YES!!!! Let me state here I watched Cartoons vehemently while growing up and they shaped me. I […]


SHAZAM! HAPPY NEW MONTH EVERYONE AND WELCOME TO MY MONTH…. So, we could not have review Friday because of pending issues we needed reminding of, but I decided to move it to a Saturday amazing right? Today We will be looking at SHAZAM the movie by DC comics […]