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Home #4

HOME EPISODE 4.. Gram-mii could not believe what she heard, even with all her scheming and prediction she never anticipated this outcome. It was even worse than she thought. “Bukola go and meet your husband and calm him down, Tori and I will stay with TJ and watch […]

Home #3

HOME EPISODE 3 On the day of the match, Tori goes to TJ’s school to meet with TJ’s friends, “Hello Tori what brings you to our amazing school” Mark asked, looking lustfully at Tori, “young man I am old enough to be your aunty that look is so […]


Episode2…. “Come back here young man I am not done with you yet!” TJ stands up from the Dining Table and matches to his room, ignoring his dad’s order. He was visibly angry at everyone for not believing in him and his dream. He slammed the door behind […]


The Holiday was a long one, but I am back doing that which I love doing and today would begin a series titled HOME… So please read and let me know your thoughts who knows you may guess right where the story is headed. The beauty about this […]