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FLIGHT GONE SOUTH V OJ is back again after a long absence from this space. While I was gone. Obaz finally got married, you remember that my cousin that lives in Lagos and must go through all the stress of Lagos life? Yes, that is the one that […]

HOME #12

HOME Season Finale… We have come to the end of this interesting series. I have grown so attached to the characters and I know you have too… I am sure you would enjoy one last read from this series and comment on your thoughts. Something is cooking though […]

HOME #11

EPISODE #11 Jemi and TJ headed towards the entrance of the event centre. TJ took one last longing look at the place before the Uber came along, “TJ you can still walk back in and perform you don’t need to sacrifice it all for me” Jemi said, catching […]

Home #10

EPISODE #10 Jemi came to the rehearsal room to find TJ waiting, “someone has learnt to come early” Jemi commented in a sarcastic tone, “I guess that wouldn’t be going away anytime soon, ever” TJ replied, “Oh, you can be rest assured it isn’t boy, I am just […]

Home #9

Episode #9 “I am so sorry Tori, I did not see this coming” Nuru said, “of all the time to come up with this, you are telling me now, how much more bad news do I need till I am broken?” Tori asked with a shaky voice, “I […]


EPISODE #8 This Episode is dedicated to those fighting one medical condition or the other in our General Hospitals may the Lord heal you all and give your family the strength in this trying time. We are winding down to the end of Home, it has been such […]


EPISODE #7 So last week I could not write on the series Home, due to my birthday and yes it was amazing!!! But today we continue from where we left off. Speaking of Birthdays, Happy birthday Karimat and Natalie, God bless you both. Back to the story…. AT […]


EPISODE #6 P.S This episode is dedicated to my Mum, just found out you read the series (now I have to watch what I write lol). To every mother out there keep being the best mum you can be. I love you… we all love and appreciate you […]


HOME EPISODE 5 “Toriola come out this minute I know you are there” Mrs Ajayi called out, “Now is not a good time to talk Nuru, can we leave that for later” Tori says to Nuru on the line, annoyed she was caught in her spy assignment, “Okay […]