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Apocalypse **************** Somewhere… In the deepest seat of my imagination; There came, the voice shrouded in the dark; The confines of my imagination; Like a symbol flash before my mind eye; Vivid apocalyptic characters baying; ‘I know why the great disaster linger still Beyond the dimension of human […]


SOS:The Pedophile A wonderful write-up about a reality in our society, it takes a collective effort of you and me to cub such occurrences and speak out against such evil. Together we can kick such menace out!!! Written by a good friend and brother Mayowa Shobo… The pedophile, The […]

Gross Domestic Product

  GDP? Are gospel truths or old government fables Are mirror reflections. Literally inverted figures. Echoes bouncing off the seabed’s straight outta the ruling house. From the dark depth of the treasure trove subterranean. The national spoils laid up for the worthy righteous. GDP? Are like mirror images. […]

The Blood of our Ancestor

The Blood of our Ancestor Spirits     We are haunted by the blood of our ancestors. The angry spirits of our ancestors. I had traveled several heavens until I was forced into this dark part of the earth where the sun never shines. I was born in […]

At Gunpoint

At GUNPOINT At gunpoint, they entered the scene… An idyllic picture of city serenity, Terrorist cells; Hezbollahs, Talibans, They lay up ambushes with structures of parapets, in the heat of the day, Dressed as the night with automatics slung over shoulder blades, Their appearance as chameleon beguiles their […]


SEPARATED (Volume I) Last night I went to bed angry: angry at what I didn’t even know or understand. I just felt this inundation of negative vibes licking its way through my mind. Emotions that initially seemed afar off, ages away when I was much younger but now […]

LG Election

The Local government: what about it? Hey people, the Lagos state elections for the third tier of government has come and gone. Winners are beaming with big fat smiles while the runner ups are…you know what? If you think that elections at the federal and state government are […]


BULLYING… The hardest I have ever cried is when my youngest daughter had her breaking point at the hands of her bully. That week of my life made me feel like the worst father in history. My daughter is socially awkward, meek, shy, and has trouble making friends. […]

No Light

Welcome to a new day and we have a special writer in the house, you will be seeing his write up from now on. He is very deep I can assure you. This first post says a lot and most of us can relate… Read, Enjoy, reflect and […]

The Lion Tamer

 The LION TAMER…. A story from a Lion Tamer Yazid and his experience with a lion.. P.S Do not try this at home, on the street, expressway or anywhere else… lol I remember a friend of mine that wanted to buy a Toyota or Honda and I had […]