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DIGITAL ADDICTION by Adedoyin Mayowa Digital addiction! These words stand side-by-side like antonyms you might imagine? How can something so beautiful be so destructive at the same time? And yes, addiction is destructive. You would know if you have been through one. Until recently you could only hear […]


MEMOIR OF AN AFRICAN GIRL; My first ever memory [Part 1]. It is not everyone who can say what their very first memory in life is. Most think they do, but it is not always accurate. I, however, know my first memory and this is it….. My name […]

Transformers of the skin

SKIN-LIGHTENERS IN NIGERIA by Adedoyin Shobo   There are several reasons why people may consider remodelling or manipulating the complexion of their skin. The chief reasons being for health and aesthetic purposes. While in a life time, some would likely need a doctor’s consultation on certain skin diseases […]

Goals and Resolutions for 2018

Hello everyone, and Happy 2018. Toby was gracious enough to give me the keys to the mansion today, so I’ll try my best not to burn the whole thing down. The start of a new year presents an opportunity for most people; it is a time when we […]

A Goblet of Fire II

  A GOBLET OF FIRE II If you miss the previous episode, you can read it below. This is the concluding part, enjoy and let me know your thought. My word for today let us remember that it is not just the presidency and governorship elections that are […]


A Goblet of Fire I This is a great work from a friend and brother, and i am glad to share this story which would be in two parts. The concluding part would be up next week. Let us read this wonderful story and remember doing what is […]

Law and Order

LAW & ORDER  ……….. Where there’s no law there’s no sin Ancient wisdom forewarn then it hit me with an enforcer’s truncheon a string of letters – law and order two powerful words indeed until i realised it’s significance like the encroachment of the last days of a […]