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Police Brutality and Killing…

Police Brutality and Killing… It is no longer news that Kolade Johnson was killed by a police officer while he went to watch a football match over the weekend. He was innocent and the only child of his mother, he also had a child and a wife. His […]

Happy Mother’s Day…

Happy Mother’s Day… Happy new Month, Happy new quarters, I do not have readers that are fools, so I will let that slide. Yesterday was Mother’s day and it is only imperative I celebrate the woman that gave me my first typewriter and inspired all my writings. I […]

What are you made of?

What are you made of? Hope your weekend went great. So today I decided to write about this amazing topic, what really are you made of? I have come to realize under the sun if power and riches show a man’s true character, I can categorically tell you […]

NEWS: Formula One is back!!!!

NEWS: Formula One is back!!!! Welcome to the news of the past week and the weekend. Some where pleasant, others not so pleasant. The New Zealand shooter has been apprehended to the relieve of the world. But the message I would like to focus on is that we […]

Johnny Depp: Vindication

Johnny Depp… The Master in his craft, one-time highest earning actor. You know him by different name, but one name we all love to call him to Captain Jack Sparrow. He single handedly made the movie his and the franchise a must watch. Jack Sparrow in the movie […]

With True Power comes True Character…

With True Power comes True Character… In one of my post on twitter I had said this even before the Taiwo Story, that with true power comes true character and it is so true. A man or woman without money, power or position might mask their true character […]

Nigeria Decides: Gubernatorial Elections…

    Nigeria Decides: Gubernatorial Elections… Hello everyone, hope your weekend went great. As we prepare for the gubernatorial elections come the 9th of March 2019 there are few advices, I would love to share with us. You Governor will determine a whole lot on how your state will […]