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THE NEWS 9TH SEPT….. Politics… So, few days ago, the Governors of the Federal Republic of Nigeria celebrated their 100days in office and I have tried to look at those that have performed, those that I don’t see anything worth commenting about and I will mention just a […]

Say No to Xenophobia…

Say No to Xenophobia… I have tried to calm my nerves with reports about the attacks of other nationals in South Africa, not for the first time or the second. South Africans have taken it upon their selves to kill, destroy, beat, stone, vandalize and burn other black […]

The News 2nd September 19

THE NEWS… FOOTBALL… It has been a weekend full of emotions and roller-coaster in the world of sports and I will just give some of the highlights of the day that are newsworthy. I will start off with Football and it was a weekend with loads of draws […]

Nigeria and her Image…

Nigeria and her Image… My Mum always hammered the Bible verse to me while growing up “A good name is better than great riches” and now more than ever does that Bible passage rings true especially when it comes to Nigeria and her image. First it was the […]


DUMBO… First and foremost let me say this, every Animation movie turned to a movie, will find it hard to replicate everything in that animation, it is a giving but what would stand that movie out is the storytelling and how it can captivate both the eyes of […]

The Invictus Obi saga…

The Invictus Obi saga… It is no longer news that the once Forbes list recognized 30 under 30 has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United states. It is quite shocking and surprising that such a man that has been interviewed by the […]

Sowore Saga: Revolution or Protest…

Sowore Saga: Revolution or Protest… It is no longer news that Sowore was picked up from his home after he declared a Revolutionary protest that will change Nigeria for good according to him, this sparked a whole lot of outcry in both the Social media fare and the […]

Can Nigeria ever be Great?

Can Nigeria ever be Great? This is a question I have asked myself repeatedly looking for answers and all I see is not encouraging. If it is not the killing and kidnapping of people on the highway, who the media have conveniently blamed all on the Herdsmen without […]