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NEWS 14/10….

NEWS 14/10…. Let me first and foremost apologize for the long silence, last week was amazingly busy but I am back in fully and I am ready to unleash the news on you all. So, let us get cracking, shall we? Yes, we shall… POLITICS…… BUHARI’S SUPPOSED WEDDING… […]


What does forgiveness mean to you? I just watched a video of a female Police officer Amber Guyger 31 that was sentenced to 10years imprisonment for unlawfully killing a young black man. The young man’s brother stood in front of the judge. Told the whole court he forgave […]

Software Developer: TWO DAYS LEFT

TWO DAYS LEFT BEFORE THE TRAINING OF A LIFETIME BEGINS!!! DON’T BE LEFT OUT IT IS TIME TO ACTIVATE THE FUTURE THROUGH CODING… You can develop apps, games just from coding. If you Imagine it and with the help of coding and a system you can achieve it. […]

Nigeria @ 59…

Nigeria @ 59… I had so much to write about regarding Nigeria yesterday, but it all seemed so negative and dampening and with the rains I just totally disregarded it. Fast-forward to this morning and I watched a Video that inspired me to write something else. Something of […]


TOBYLAND NEWS……. Former Presidential aspirant as still not be released by the DSS despite the Court of competent jurisdiction clearing him for Bail. Though the Court has written to the director of the DSS still nothing has been done to obey the court order and it just goes […]


At the age of 57, John B. Goodenough invented the lithium battery which powers all our smart phones, tablets and laptops – as well as electric cars. 37 years later at the age of 94, John has unveiled a new, ultra-efficient, low cost battery which uses a sodium […]


           A CHANCE AT SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT… In Life those that are ready to accept change and quickly adapt to it are those that will survive and I have come to realize that those that are ready to explore the areas that are fueled with technological advancement are the […]


     FIFA AWARD… On Monday night the FIFA best player of the year was announced, Lionel Messi was crowned the best player for the 2018/19 season and to be honest it came as a rude shock to me and I will highlight some few points why I think […]


The News… CBN clarifies New Policy. The Apex Bank, Central Bank of Nigeria have come out to state that the percentage proposed to be removed from depositing cash from N500,000 and above is not on the total amount but on the subsequent amount after the N500,000. Consequently, if […]