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News 18/9

NEWS… Miss Nigeria Good day everyone, hope you all had a great weekend, I would not say it was that long, but weekends are made in China, they rarely last long (technically this not hold water like it use to but oh well, don’t mind me).   Over […]

The News…11/9

The News…11/9   We remember the September 11 attacks today few years back… and we start up with a message… Violence is never the answer… Let your love shine through no matter what, live peaceably with all, show kindness with prejudice, never EVER impose your believes, culture, traditions […]


This is the News… It has been a long and very restful weekend and yes though I would have preferred to rest a little more work has to go on. The long weekend though has been laced with enough news and I would love to share. BENUE FLOODING […]


Hurricane Harvey Hope…. I am sure we are all aware about the recent happenings in Houston United states and the devastating effect of the Hurricane in that part of the world. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and people living and working there, it cannot […]


THE NEWS… THE MONEY TEAM… Floyd Moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Mayweather… The man, the legend, the one that backs his mouth with action the 50-0 man of the moment… If you have not heard, Floyd Mayweather knocked out Connor Mcgregor in the money fight. The biggest fight in boxing history yet where […]


World News….. (International and Local) Buhari Is Back.. Let us start with our President Muhammadu Buhari, Baba seems to be looking good, I personally pray he recovers fully to be honest and finish his tenure in peace and good health but I have some advice though, Baba please […]

Usain Bolt

*My heart goes out to everyone that lost someone in the Anambra shooting of yesterday 6th of August 2017, may the Lord grant you succor in this grieving period and may those that perpetrated this act be brought to book. It is well… We remain United against such […]

Education vs Talent

Educational System VS Talent… Let me state here, Education is good, infact very good but the kind of education is what determines a monotonous boring life or an inspired life that sets one apart. I am going to be driving home some very hard truth especially for Africa […]


What is your WHY??? What is your big why? Why do you get out of bed in the morning, go to work, and do what you do? What motivates you, gets you going and keeps you going? Why do you wear what wear in the morning, eat what […]


What is Life’s Worth.. It is probably no longer news that Linkin Park’s vocal leader Chester Bennington has passed on. It was shocking and painful to say the least when the news of his suicide trickled in. It is saddening because Linkin Park where the first rock Band I […]