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Our Mentality

Our Mentality This couple of days gone by have made me have a deep rethink of where our nation is going with the current crop of youths and their mentality. If you have been following the current news in Nigeria about Evans the kidnapper nabbed by the Police […]

Happy Father’s day

Happy Father’s day As I sit across from my dad on this special occasion of father’s day I have a smile on my face because he has been the best father anyone could ask for, though I may not be able to express how much I love him […]


Dare To Dream… So today I woke up to a video on Stephen Curry, by the way the Golden state Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0 in the series to win the NBA finals, this was after last year’s defeat and incredible comeback by the Lebron James led […]


BIAFRA This is a very sensitive issue but one we must not shy away from like my friend said. During the weekend while I was celebrating a landmark, coincidentally it also happened to be the birthday of the said person on Facebook, this bright mind and I had […]

The Boy Child

The Boy Child…. I was at work some weeks back, and some male friends of mine and I had a round table discussion about domestic violence, because it was rampant and more men where the culprits of this despicable act. I know this is a very sensitive topic […]


NIGERIA… We just celebrated another Democracy in Nigeria, and it is just ideal I talk about what I feel about my great country a little…. Nigeria we hail thee, Our own dear native land, Though tribe and tongue may differ, In brotherhood we stand, Nigerians are all proud […]

Manchester United is Back

Manchester United are Back… When the news of Mourinho being the next coach of Manchester united filtered in, I sat back and asked why? This was a man who just got kicked out by Chelsea few months back because he could not successfully defend the league he just […]


MARRIAGE Last weekend was a busy one for me and no contrary to what you think I was not in any wedding neither was I present in Banky W and Adesua’s introduction lol. But the little time I got to sit down and relax, one topic kept disturbing […]


              OLUFEMI ANTHONY JOSHUA The new IBO World Heavyweight champion of the World, I am sure everyone already knows that by now and if you don’t know now you know. Three and the half years being a professional boxer, been in 19 fights and all knock outs with […]

Letter to Present me

45, Future Lane, Years after, Sydney, Australia. The Present Self, Tobyland. Present twenties Crescent, Lagos, Nigeria. Dear Present me, FROM MY FUTURE SELF TO MY PRESENT SELF This is I writing from your future, should I say our future to our present, How are you doing present me? […]