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News nov. 20

NEWS…. It is a weekend of weddings.. Oh!! Yes from our Serena Williams finally getting married to her love and baby daddy Alexis Ohanian which went amazingly well, Serena’s dress was also gorgeous and it was lovely to see my childhood crush Venus looking all glam in her […]

NEWS 31/10

The NEWS……. 31/10   I know the news is coming a little late today but it is better late than never. I must confess this week as been one of the best for me and I cannot wait to dish out some of the news.. Here goes, I […]


FIFA FOOTBALL AWARD- The winners and Inspiring Ones It was an amazing night in London which hosted the Gala night of the Federation of Football FIFA. It was the night to celebrate men and women that had distinguished themselves in 2017 and the event did not disappoint. The […]

      Is TSTV dead on Arrival?

Good Morning everyone before I go ahead to talk about the topic for today, I would like to give a special shout out to a reader on the island of Saint Kitts and Nevis also known as Saint Christopher and Nevis. I following is well appreciated and maybe sometime soon […]

Olaudah Equiano

Olaudah Equiano   As it is my custom on a Monday morning to write on the news around the world, I actually wanted to but I was not feeling it, why you might ask? I had read up about the Imo state Governor Okorocha erecting a statue of […]


Real Madrid U-9 show sportsmanship by allowing Sevilla U-9 score.. So I watched a video on Instagram about the Real Madrid U-9 showing the highest level of sportsmanship I have seen, after scoring a goal but finding out the Sevilla goalkeeper was injured. They proceeded to stand, Mannequin […]

News 10/9

News… The Super Eagles Soar… The date was October 7th 2017, and it stood unique why because of the number  7 1 0 2 0 1 7 looking at it from the front or the back it looked similar and we would probably never have that again, but […]

Memo of a Strong Woman

                                            It has been a while i have written in here… But this best describes some of my feelings right now…. To every woman out there that has been awesome this one is for you also.. A Tribute to a Strong Woman The strength of a woman […]

News 25/9

News The Kingsmen is finally here… I repeat the Kingsmen is finally here… what are you waiting for, get to a cinema near you and watch it before I give you all a spoiler. You know that is my specialty.   TRUMPed on Twitter. It is no longer […]