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THE NEWS 27TH APRIL 2020… Is KIM JONG-UN dead? Reports have it that the Supreme Leader and unopposed Lord commander (I have been meaning to use this title) Kim Jong-un might be dead. Might being the major word considering that the People’s republic of North Korea has not […]

How would you react as a Parent?

How would you react as a Parent? So, in a group I am in on Whatsapp. We discussed about the trending topic of a young chap who was absent for two exams (Math and English), failed woefully in the other exams and passed only Music and Geography after […]


CORONA VIRUS Good Morning ladies and gentlemen and Happy new month to all my readers and fans out there. It has been ages I wrote something down and I feel sad it took this long to pen something down for you all. Please do not give up on […]

The News Dec. 9th

The News Dec. 9th It is amazing to be back again this Monday morning, bear with me I know I have not been consistent with my post due to the new family adjustments, but a balance will be found soonest lol. Over to the news. Anthony Joshua is […]

Hello December…

Welcome to December… Hello… Season’s greetings or should I say compliments of the season… Whichever you decide to say with December comes a special feeling depending on the individual. To some it is the end of a working year, to others the celebration of the Birth of Christ, […]

The News OCT 28th….

The News OCT 28th…. Quote for the day: Learn to be grateful and all times to everyone regardless of how familiar you are to the person or how minute the deed is. Only a grateful heart gets more… Over to the news of the day…. POLITICS… Tinubu’s rumored […]


  THE HEADIES 2019…. The HEADIES 2019 has come and gone but there are so many things to talk about and I will go straight to the point. First and foremost, the organizers of the Headies should give a third party to organize the event. To be honest, […]