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Gender Equality or Equity

         Gender Equality or Equity This is a sensitive topic I have for a while contemplated writing on, but it must be written, unless I would not find rest in my spirit. So, this is my attempt to translate what I feel is right and how it can […]

NEWS: Defection season

NEWS: Defection season Good day people hope our weekend was wonderful, no matter how short it was. Over to some of the news coming out from Nigeria. It is no news that many politicians in Nigeria have been moving from one political party to another especially from the […]


 ‘TRISHA’ Once upon a time, there was a child named Trisha. She was the most beautiful and in all the lands throughout west coast of Africa; everyone talked of her beauty. She was also from a wealthy background and was fondly called…… we will get to her fondly […]

Disney: African Princess “SADE”

Disney: African Princess “SADE” Disney has acquired a pitch for Sadé, a live-action fairytale film about an African Princess, based on an original idea by Ola Shokunbi and Lindsey Reed Palmer, which has dope director Rick Famuyiwa  who is attached to produce, while Scott Falconer will serve as […]


#BankWars News July 23rd It seems the banks are not all about handling our money alone with what went down this weekend. So, it looked like it was going to be busy as usual for all banks in Nigeria till Sterling fired the first shot with a picture […]


NIGERIAN FOOTBALL AT IT AGAIN… Nigeria is like that instinct that tells you when everything is going smoothly one bad thing must be at the corner to scatter all the good work that one has been riding on. That is the state of the NFF as we speak. […]


THE PVC OR VISA… Good morning everyone, with the just concluded election in Ekiti state of Nigeria, there is really a lot to be concerned about. When party agents blatantly go ahead to bribe voters in the open with no shame or moral estacode then you know there […]

The News… 16th JULY ’18

The News… 16th JULY ’18 The 6th Jumia Anniversary The largest E-commerce company in Nigeria, JUMIA kicked off their 6th anniversary today with amazing deals on discount. They have come a long way in this six years providing goods and services which range from mobile phones, fashion items, […]


The News… The weekend has been an amazing one. I don’t know about you. Also, go get your PVC if you are a Nigerian. It is your constitutional duty and right to vote a good government in 2019 and it is around the corner, let us make Nigeria […]

Thankful Article…

Thankful Article… This post is a thankful one. One I don’t do often but I should do often. We have had a lot of not so great news in Nigeria and the world over, some even close to home but that should not stop us from being thankful […]