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I am a fun loving, heart touching , cartoon watching and goal driven person. My slogan is "Live Life, Love all, be You!".

The News 13/5

The News…. Hello everyone, I know it has been a long time since you saw a post from me, but all I can really say is LIFE HAPPENED! We press on regardless. So the news from this side. Manchester City Crowned Champions… The blue half of Manchester where […]


GLASS… This movie was supposed to complete the story arc of both UNTOUCHABLE and SPLIT. One talked of a man that seemed indestructible and very strong which was played by Bruce Willis while the other talked about a man with multiple personality disorder with one of them being […]

Zainab set free from Saudi prison…

Zainab set free from Saudi prison… I am excited about the news of Zainab Aliyu’s release from the Saudi Prison and possible execution for alleged drug trafficking of Tramadol in excess. It is a great news to note that the government swung into action and made sure she […]


GREEN BOOK… A working-class Italian-American bouncer becomes the driver of an African-American classical pianist on a tour of venues through the 1960s American South. When an Italian Bouncer in America is out of work due to construction of where he works, he has to look for work to […]

Cybercrime and the beast it breeds…

Cybercrime and the beast it breeds… Weeks back Simi did a video about how cybercrime was tarnishing the image of Nigeria and Nigerians in general. It hindered many from obtaining Visa to enter other country and even made Nigerian suspects anywhere they are found. She went ahead to […]

Game of Thrones vs Avengers: Endgame…

Game of Thrones vs Avengers: Endgame… It is Friday and that means the weekend is here hurray!!! And if you check your dates it means something significant to Movie watchers like me. Countdown to the GAME OF THRONES season Finale and also AVENGERS ENDGAME. I am so excited […]

Style of Government in Africa…

Style of Government in Africa… It is no news that Africa and its government are not doing well by its people. We have Presidents that should be retired running for second and third terms, changing the rule of law to favor their re-election and their conscience not feeling […]