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I am a fun loving, heart touching , cartoon watching and goal driven person. My slogan is "Live Life, Love all, be You!".

The tale of ZAGABU: Wonder drug

NAFDAC CERTIFIED OR NAY! ‘Try am, the melecine dey work well well’ He told me, looking as sure of his charm like a Nollywood witch doctor. He was wearing a brown oversized washed up coat in the sultry Lagos afternoon. He kind of looked like a modern-day John […]


World News….. (International and Local) Buhari Is Back.. Let us start with our President Muhammadu Buhari, Baba seems to be looking good, I personally pray he recovers fully to be honest and finish his tenure in peace and good health but I have some advice though, Baba please […]


LAGOS HAPPENING V…. Your guy is here again my people and it is not a funny tale this time around, I Obaz, I’m going to tell you about my ordeal in Lagos at night. So after work this beautiful Wednesday I was heading home with two of my […]

At Gunpoint

At GUNPOINT At gunpoint, they entered the scene… An idyllic picture of city serenity, Terrorist cells; Hezbollahs, Talibans, They lay up ambushes with structures of parapets, in the heat of the day, Dressed as the night with automatics slung over shoulder blades, Their appearance as chameleon beguiles their […]

Usain Bolt

*My heart goes out to everyone that lost someone in the Anambra shooting of yesterday 6th of August 2017, may the Lord grant you succor in this grieving period and may those that perpetrated this act be brought to book. It is well… We remain United against such […]

HOME #12

HOME Season Finale… We have come to the end of this interesting series. I have grown so attached to the characters and I know you have too… I am sure you would enjoy one last read from this series and comment on your thoughts. Something is cooking though […]


SEPARATED (Volume I) Last night I went to bed angry: angry at what I didn’t even know or understand. I just felt this inundation of negative vibes licking its way through my mind. Emotions that initially seemed afar off, ages away when I was much younger but now […]

Education vs Talent

Educational System VS Talent… Let me state here, Education is good, infact very good but the kind of education is what determines a monotonous boring life or an inspired life that sets one apart. I am going to be driving home some very hard truth especially for Africa […]

Lagos Happening IV

Lagos Happening…. It is your friendly street boy Obaz again, yes it has been a while ooo, I have missed you too. I kuku have a story for you people as usual and trust me I was minding my business when the story came to me nii ooo. […]


What is your WHY??? What is your big why? Why do you get out of bed in the morning, go to work, and do what you do? What motivates you, gets you going and keeps you going? Why do you wear what wear in the morning, eat what […]