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I am a fun loving, heart touching , cartoon watching and goal driven person. My slogan is "Live Life, Love all, be You!".

The Hitman’s BodyGuard

  The Hitman’s BodyGuard   When I heard about a movie with Ryan Reynold and Samuel L Jackson I was anticipating a blockbuster, why you might ask? After a failed project with Green lantern and the Wolverine movie, Ryan came back stronger with deadpool and nailed it since […]

Gross Domestic Product

  GDP? Are gospel truths or old government fables Are mirror reflections. Literally inverted figures. Echoes bouncing off the seabed’s straight outta the ruling house. From the dark depth of the treasure trove subterranean. The national spoils laid up for the worthy righteous. GDP? Are like mirror images. […]

The News…11/9

The News…11/9   We remember the September 11 attacks today few years back… and we start up with a message… Violence is never the answer… Let your love shine through no matter what, live peaceably with all, show kindness with prejudice, never EVER impose your believes, culture, traditions […]

The Blood of our Ancestor

The Blood of our Ancestor Spirits     We are haunted by the blood of our ancestors. The angry spirits of our ancestors. I had traveled several heavens until I was forced into this dark part of the earth where the sun never shines. I was born in […]


Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 I intended not writing anything on this movie considering it came out a long time and one thing or the other hindered me from watching it (all those little foxes, the Lord pass you). Readers of the blog wrote me to ask […]


This is the News… It has been a long and very restful weekend and yes though I would have preferred to rest a little more work has to go on. The long weekend though has been laced with enough news and I would love to share. BENUE FLOODING […]


LAGOS HAPPENING VI Birthday Shoutout to a special person, a father to many, a mentor and a wonderful personality Daddy Folarin and to a good friend turned brother Nurudeen. May God bless you both. P.S Nuru we are coming to eat rice this time next year ooo (I […]


Hurricane Harvey Hope…. I am sure we are all aware about the recent happenings in Houston United states and the devastating effect of the Hurricane in that part of the world. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and people living and working there, it cannot […]


THE NEWS… THE MONEY TEAM… Floyd Moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Mayweather… The man, the legend, the one that backs his mouth with action the 50-0 man of the moment… If you have not heard, Floyd Mayweather knocked out Connor Mcgregor in the money fight. The biggest fight in boxing history yet where […]

The Molested Child

The Molested Child I came across this story and I am compelled to share because awareness is key to fighting this unwanted happenstance. It is a collective effort. Here goes a story…    It’s end of my first day of school…  Miss Ugo asks us to hug each […]