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I am a fun loving, heart touching , cartoon watching and goal driven person. My slogan is "Live Life, Love all, be You!".

War of the Planet of the Ape

War for the Planet of the Ape… This is the 3rd and hopefully the final part of this great movie series. This movie started years back and I would just quickly give a recap. Humans like to explore, like to test, like to go against nature other times […]

News 10/9

News… The Super Eagles Soar… The date was October 7th 2017, and it stood unique why because of the number  7 1 0 2 0 1 7 looking at it from the front or the back it looked similar and we would probably never have that again, but […]


Apocalypse **************** Somewhere… In the deepest seat of my imagination; There came, the voice shrouded in the dark; The confines of my imagination; Like a symbol flash before my mind eye; Vivid apocalyptic characters baying; ‘I know why the great disaster linger still Beyond the dimension of human […]

Dance to my Beat

Dance to my Beat!! It is another time for the weekly review (that is if there is a movie to review sha lol). I was accused by a very good friend I do not review Nigerian movies. So I decided to take the challenge and this would be […]

Memo of a Strong Woman

                                            It has been a while i have written in here… But this best describes some of my feelings right now…. To every woman out there that has been awesome this one is for you also.. A Tribute to a Strong Woman The strength of a woman […]

News 25/9

News The Kingsmen is finally here… I repeat the Kingsmen is finally here… what are you waiting for, get to a cinema near you and watch it before I give you all a spoiler. You know that is my specialty.   TRUMPed on Twitter. It is no longer […]


BAYWATCH Get in here people it is another movie review and I remain your host T21. The movie up next for review is Baywatch. Hurray!!!   The movie featured Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efrun in this beach side setting. Dwayne is a dedicated lifeguard in the beach who […]


SOS:The Pedophile A wonderful write-up about a reality in our society, it takes a collective effort of you and me to cub such occurrences and speak out against such evil. Together we can kick such menace out!!! Written by a good friend and brother Mayowa Shobo… The pedophile, The […]

Power Puff Girls

Power Puff Girls If this rings a bell to you then you probably old and should go and marry lol. I am just kidding. This was one cartoon on CARTOON NETWORK that many like me (lover of cartoons) thoroughly enjoyed growing up. It consisted of three little girls […]

News 18/9

NEWS… Miss Nigeria Good day everyone, hope you all had a great weekend, I would not say it was that long, but weekends are made in China, they rarely last long (technically this not hold water like it use to but oh well, don’t mind me).   Over […]