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I am a fun loving, heart touching , cartoon watching and goal driven person. My slogan is "Live Life, Love all, be You!".


CORONA VIRUS Good Morning ladies and gentlemen and Happy new month to all my readers and fans out there. It has been ages I wrote something down and I feel sad it took this long to pen something down for you all. Please do not give up on […]


KOBE BRYANT IS DEAD… It is no longer news that Kobe Bryant is dead. News filtering yesterday came has a rude shock when it was reported that the Helicopter carrying him, his daughter Gianna Bryant and other passenger crashed on their way to a Basketball camp for his […]

The Australian Open 2020…

The Australian Open 2020… Australian has been hit with huge spiders, a wildfire and now a hailstorm and our hearts and sympathy goes to the people of Australia for all these events plaguing them. We hope the unfortunate events will seize after this one. Over to much more […]


A FALL FROM GRACE Tyler Perry brings to us an amazing movie titled A FALL FROM GRACE and in my usual way I am tasked with the job of reviewing the movie objectively without outside influence or following the crowd. So here goes lol. The movie is about […]

Power of Association…

Power of Association… It is not rocket science that we do need people in life. The kind of people you associate either make you or mar you. They show the direction your life is headed and can be the determining factor in your success in life or your […]

Entrepreneurship: Myth and Facts…

Entrepreneurship: Myth and Facts… Good morning wonderful people, today I am doing a write up of ENTREPRENUERSHIP. I would not give the conventional definition of it but the real-life definition or maybe the Naija one lol. It is a business (that can develop into a company small scale, […]


USA vs IRAN WAR: CANADA RESPONDS It is no longer news that the Ukrainian Airplane crashed and all on board the airplane are dead. It is also no longer news that majority of people in the plane where Canadians, Ukrainians and Iranians. Officials of the airline said there […]


MOVIES FOR 2020… It is a new year and there are movies to keep an eye on in this new year. Marvel totally won over our hearts with the end of phase 3 in the movie AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Also, there was The Lion King from Disney, there was […]