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I am a fun loving, heart touching , cartoon watching and goal driven person. My slogan is "Live Life, Love all, be You!".


THE WAY BACK… This period I know I have so many movies to review from Miracle in Cell No. 7 to Extraction and then there is Bloodshot to mention a few. But I will take them One after the other and get to cover them all at some […]


THE NEWS 27TH APRIL 2020… Is KIM JONG-UN dead? Reports have it that the Supreme Leader and unopposed Lord commander (I have been meaning to use this title) Kim Jong-un might be dead. Might being the major word considering that the People’s republic of North Korea has not […]


THE INVISIBLE MAN Movie review time. So, this is not your typical superhero movie but trust me when I say it was promising. I will just cut right to the chase, shouldn’t we?! Yes, we should! So, it started with a couple. We could see the woman trying […]

How would you react as a Parent?

How would you react as a Parent? So, in a group I am in on Whatsapp. We discussed about the trending topic of a young chap who was absent for two exams (Math and English), failed woefully in the other exams and passed only Music and Geography after […]


THE NEWS 20TH APRIL 2020…. It is no longer news that Abba Kyari is dead, and his burial was held in Abuja. It is not also news that contrary to what the Minister of communication and Information told every Nigerian about the cremation of every body that tests […]

Money Heist

Money Heist By popular demand I have been asked to review this TV series. Chiedozie this one is for you. Money Heist also known as La Casa De Papel (reminds me of the Benin republic resort. Trust me it was amazing). So, Money Heist begins with a man […]


BAD BOYS (FOR LIFE) … Martin Lawrence and Will Smith after giving us a haven of a performance in the part 1 was released in 1995 and the sequel followed in 2003. It was just fair they gave us a parting Bad boys movie considering both men where […]


CORONA VIRUS Good Morning ladies and gentlemen and Happy new month to all my readers and fans out there. It has been ages I wrote something down and I feel sad it took this long to pen something down for you all. Please do not give up on […]