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This movie was refreshingly different for me and I liked the fact it was to be honest because it had many talking points that I would like us to discuss but first the summary of the storyline.

When a Minister in a Government is nominated by powers that be to run for governor in her husband’s state in Nigeria it becomes an issue considering she is not from the state to start with. Hankuri Philips decides to run regardless of the rants of party members in the state regarding her tribe and her unwillingness to bribe her way through. Members of the state party decide to break away and join the opposing party and devise a plan to make her husband the candidate of the opposing party. Hankuri and her husband Dimeji who is a medical doctor and supports his wife political ambitions and journey decide together that he will run but help her win anyway he can. The game began in a friendly note. Till Hankuri’s party decide to render businesses out of work because of the plans they have without any form of compensation. Dimeji on finding out decides to ask his wife who waves away the question which does not sit down well with Dimeji. He finally decides to speak for the people, and this helps him sway the interest of the people to his party. Hankuri does not find this funny and confronts her husband who explains why but she goes on the counter and goes on a disparaging campaign against the party her husband is representing. The marriage begins to face the heat because the couple are fully invested in the campaigns and believe in their own goals for the people of the state. Those under them started to send thugs to disband campaigns and they fight each other in the process. Hankuri and Dimeji’s marriage also is on a war part and though the daughter tries very hard to settle the issue the couple are too strong headed to see the light. A debate is set and both parties agree to it. The debate was going so well till it got heated and Dimeji went overboard (or so it seems). Dimeji was sent out of the house and it seemed the marriage was over. In an attempt to savage the situation Dimeji’s party ordered for someone to shoot him and make it look like it was from the opposition party. Dimeji got wind of it settled with his wife and called for a press conference to announce that it was his party that ordered the hit on his life. The voting day came and Hankuri won it.

The movie is an amazing one that touches on several points experienced in Nigeria, from tribalism, inequality, corruption in our political sphere, and how far people will go in the quest for power. It also shows the length ambition can go into destroying a family if sacrifices are not made. Hankuri spilled some hurtful words to her husband who had supported her even while she was a Minister and only accepted the nomination to run because she agreed to it and it was focused towards helping her. She should also have been considerate of his feeling. Dimeji also should have pulled out of the race once things started getting heated in the home front, it was never his intention to run in the first place. The rape saga and totally putting her husband in the dark for donkey years was totally wrong. She should not have and him hearing it in public was not fair if we are being honest. She also winning was the most predictable story line in the script. But nevertheless, a good movie that kept me at the edge of my couch watching it. The punches and counter punches were also great and realistic especially in the Nigerian political terrain but in the end loving win was great to see. Let me hear your opinion on the movie and if you have a contrary view to mine please share, I will give it a FOUR STAR OUT OF FIVE!!! You can catch it on NETFLIX…

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