It is no longer news about the Rape of Uwa in Benin, Nigeria or the killing of George Floyd in the USA or the shooting of a minor by the member of the Police in Lagos.

It is sad that even at 2020 we are still talking about the issue of rape. A very dastardly and animalistic behavior, one that should be condemned in its entirety. There should not be any form of justification for it. A woman should be able to make decisions on what she wears and where she goes without the fear of being sexually molested. It is time we take it upon ourselves while invested in the female child to also intensely train a boy child that a woman’s body is not a possession. It is not a thing to be trampled on and dealt with anyhow he deems fit. It is a collective effort from both fathers and mothers to respect every woman out there. Respect their decisions, their thoughts, their body and their person. SAY NO TO RAPE!!! I hope for the sake of Uwa and the family she left behind that those that perpetrated this evil get caught and face the full wrath of the law. My condolences go to the family may the Lord give them the fortitude to bear the loss.

The shooting and killing of Tina in Lagos by men of the Police force is another issue that is cause for concern in Nigeria. Tina a 16year old girl was shot at when the men of the Police force where trying to catch a commercial vehicle driver for breaking lockdown curfew. The questions that come to mind is, why was the gun not in safety? Was there threat to life that they had to shoot. To be sincere our police need to do better and an overhaul is really needed with intense training. May the family find comfort.

Finally the George Floyd case in the USA where the Police after handcuffing and restraining him and finding out there was not a weapon on him still went ahead to put a knee on his neck and after several plea to remove it that he could not breathe he went unconscious and later died. It is rather unfortunate that those tasked with keeping the peace, law and order are those we cannot rely on to actually do that. It is even worse that a certain color is targeted and killed for the unwarranted reasons. EVERY LIFE MATTERS! It is time that racism, tribalism, religious intolerance is ended. I hope for the sake of all Justice in done in this case. I hope the Policemen in that video are brought to book and I hope there is a revamp in the whole police institution.

It is time we begin to communicate more, show more compassion, show love, treat each and everyone as equal and know that every life matter regardless of religion, gender, color, tribe, race, culture or preference. May the Lord help us all. Amen!

Welcome to June it is going to be an amazing Month……..

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