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It has been a while, but I am back again writing, and I have watched some amazing Nigerian movies that I must share with the world. Some old, some new and some just downright amazing. Without further ado let us check out DELIVERY BOY today.

When the movie started it caught me. Two Muslim boys where up to something and I could tell till one of them started to lose consciousness and figured the other had laced his food with drug and decided to swallow the key to a locker. Kazeem swallowed the key and passed out and Amir brought out his knife and was going to open his stomach up before doing otherwise. He then takes a suicide bomb jacket and leaves the uncompleted building into the street. We then see a prostitute come down from a Taxi and after finishing her work goes to the hospital to donate money for a child’s surgery. We see her face and found out it was scarred and later found out it was her brother lying in the hospital.  The World of Amir the suicide bomber and Nkem the prostitute soon collides when Amir is pursued by a mob who saw him killing an informant to a sister Dorcas at an orphanage and Nkem pursued by a customer who did not pay up and she had to hit and take her money forcefully from him. Amir then decides to request the help of Nkem to help with the address of Sister Dorcas who ran an Orphanage for a price and Nkem was more than willing to help due to her brother’s condition. The story goes on and they discovered that Amir who came from the Orphanage and named Joseph was sold to Mallam Sadan who ran a ring where small boys where purchased from orphanages for huge money and then radicalized to commit dastardly acts. Also, Amir was also sexually molested by Mallam Sadan. Nkem’s story was not better either. Her Uncle sexually molested her and she had to continue because he paid her brother’s school fees and one day he hit the boy on the head and a Surgery was needed to save his life hence the reason she went into prostitution.

In the Orphanage Sister Dorcas shot at Amir before she was killed by him and Nkem carried him to a nurse that helps, and he was stitched up after the bullet was removed. Kazeem tried to kill Amir but Amir overpowered him and then let him go, explaining what Mallam Sadan had done in the past, claiming he was not a good person or the voice of Allah. Kazeem told Amir where Mallam Sadan was going to be and Amir was determined to detonate the bomb in the mosque where Mallam Sadan was to stop him from perpetrating anymore evil. {Here comes the twist} Amir passes out and then Nkem takes the bomb and detonates it at the mosque. When Amir wakes up it is too late. He sees the note from Nkem asking him to do what is right and take care of her brother and then a big explosion is heard. Amir sends the money for the treatment and pays Nkem’s uncle a visit {Your guess is as good as mine what she does}.

The Movie really captivated me I must say. Mind blown!!! The Cinematography was on point, the fight scene was amazing they got the sequencing and the knife handling properly. Simulation and bomb explosion were almost believable, and that Scar make-up was intense. Jamal and Jemima the lead actors nailed it. The story-line was rich and exposed an aspect that many would rather turn a blind eye to in the society. In the end there is an element of good and bad in all of us but we determine which we allow shine through. Child molestation is evil for both the boy child and girl child I cannot over emphasize that enough. I GIVE THIS MOVIE A FIVE STAR OUT OF FIVE!!!! Oh yes Nigerian movies are getting there.

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