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This period I know I have so many movies to review from Miracle in Cell No. 7 to Extraction and then there is Bloodshot to mention a few. But I will take them One after the other and get to cover them all at some point. So why The Way Back amongst all the other amazing movies I just mentioned above. THE STORYLINE… So let me go on with it.

So, The Way Back talks about a Promising and talented young basketball and suddenly turned his back on the game and decided to live another life. He later goes into drugs and other vices where his wife finds him and cleans him up. They have a child together who later dies of a tumor in the brain after the numerous medical procedures. It hurts Jack Cunnigham so much that it tears his marriage apart and his life. He goes into drinking till he gets a call from a Reverend in his High school where he made his name and led the team to States and Regional championships. The Reverend wanted him to coach the Basketball team which brought objections but he later succumbed. He slowly warmed up to the job and instilled discipline, dedication, passion and tactics to the team (Bishop Hayes) and transformed the team so much so they made it to the playoffs. Something they had not done in years. But Jack received a call from his wife that their best friend’s son had relapsed, and his cancer was back. Jack exploded and went back to the bottle. The Reverend found out and fired him from the position of Coach because he came to the school drunk. He later found his way to a rehabilitation center to get his life back and asked for the forgiveness of his wife.

THE WAY BACK touched me so much, I am not a Ben Affleck fan, after ruining Batman for me but he found his way back with this strong display in this movie. The lessons in the movie is moving and motivational, from leaving a life full of promise because he wanted to hurt his father (which ended badly for him), to the pain, anger and frustration of parents that have lost a child, especially one to cancer which kills gradually after much monetary, physical and emotional investment. It takes a whole lot to heal from that and causes a crash in many marriages. Not everyone gets over it or comes out of it. Also, the opportunity of a second chance and the misuse of second chances too. The regret of what could have been which can affect our children, the case of Jack’s young captain and his father. The Joy of accomplishment also. A bittersweet experience of a movie that touches a whole lot of aspect in life. It also shows we need to be there for one another especially those that have lost someone dear even if they ask for it or try to chase one away.

I will rate it a FIVE!!! out of FIVE For such a well told story and a moving narrative of it.

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