Is KIM JONG-UN dead?

Supreme leader of North Korea; Kim Jong Un…

Reports have it that the Supreme Leader and unopposed Lord commander (I have been meaning to use this title) Kim Jong-un might be dead. Might being the major word considering that the People’s republic of North Korea has not come out to confirm or deny reports coming out from different quarters. It was said that he underwent a heart surgery. If it happens to be true, all the news coming out then we should be weary for the safety of those doctors that performed the operation. If it is also true, then His sister Kim Yo-Jong. In the coming days we will find out just how true or false this is.


With the ZOOM platform making over 200% profit due to the lockdown and the increase in video calling. Facebook has quickly gone ahead to make swift changes on their platform by allowing a 50person chat feature which would allow for Video call. This is a response to the profit that tends to increase this period with Zoom, Netflix and data services being amongst the big earners during this COVID-19 period. Facebook would not want to be left behind. Also, Facebook has bought a 5.7Million Billion-dollar stake in India’s biggest Telecom Operator; JIO PLATFORM. Facebook has been trying to penetrate the Indian market and now with this move might just have gotten themselves a gold mine. With the data Jio Platform has and its intent to forge into Ecommerce in India it seems like a great win for Facebook.


China has gone ahead to reject a call for an investigation into the origin of the Virus COVID-19 currently ravaging the World. It has claimed the move for an investigation is political and would not support such a move. In all fairness though an investigation to its origin might just be the way to find a cure and all nations should subscribe to it unless there is something to hide. With the news also of either fake or substandard PPE and test kits from China it begs the question is there something China is hiding? Only time will tell

COVID-19: The Big Decision Facing Nigeria

With the country set to undergo further lock down and no true Palliative measures to stop the hunger, would we call it wise? Every nation in shutdown have found a way to pay it’s citizens to stay indoors but Nigeria has been all talk and no action with numbers being said to have received it but no effect in the society the big question will be how long can we stay indoor for? Would hunger not finally send people out. To be honest the Government of Nigeria has failed us when we look at Ghana, South Africa and even Egypt and the good works they are doing in the place of testing and management it makes you wonder just how much the State Governors and the presidency have done. One way or another one must give and only a Miracle might save us in Nigeria now.

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