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Movie review time. So, this is not your typical superhero movie but trust me when I say it was promising. I will just cut right to the chase, shouldn’t we?! Yes, we should!

So, it started with a couple. We could see the woman trying to run away from her controlling wealthy scientist husband, who was not only controlling but mentally abusing this woman. After she successfully escaped, the man plotted his death with the help of his brother (which we later found out) and with a major breakthrough in his work becomes invisible and stalks this woman terrorizing her and everyone around her up to the point of killing her sister. She is sent to a psychiatrist ward because the police would not believe it is the work of an invisible man (her late husband) so she decides to take law into her hands to track him down. In tracking him down though there was a twist in which she shot his brother whom he sent. The Police told her the case was closed after they found her husband and he claimed it was the work of his brother and he was innocent. She decided to further take laws into her hands. Knowing where every camera was in the house and the blind spot of all cameras. She decided to go and see him. Earlier in the movie she had carefully hidden one of the invisible suits in the closet, so she made her way there and wore it, killed him and made it look like a case of suicide with the camera catching it, she rushed back and then acted the part. The Police, who was also her friend, suspected foul play but he could not prove anything and let it slide.

My take on the movie, it was quite different, and suspense filled. I could predict almost certainly where the movie was headed till the last twist which is a good thing. Nothing major happened to be honest. I will give the movie a TWO STAR out of FIVE though. Remember to have an amazing weekend and note; We are always in control of our thoughts and thus our perspective of crisis. So regardless of the Pandemic take care of your mental state as well as your physical state.

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