Abba Kyari

It is no longer news that Abba Kyari is dead, and his burial was held in Abuja. It is not also news that contrary to what the Minister of communication and Information told every Nigerian about the cremation of every body that tests positive for the COVID-19 which did not happen in the case of the late Abba Kyari the Chief of Staff to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari. Not only was the body not cremated. He was not in any Isolation centre before his death instead he was taken to a private hospital which means lives would have been endangered. He also was flown back to Abuja against Isolation laws and orders and buried with a crowd there not even properly kitted or given the required social distancing space. What can we then say of top officials that should be good examples breaking the law and expect those that are probably hungry and in need of their daily bread to do? I will leave the question opened for us all. We do not lead by words of mouth but by example!

Ghana has decided to suspend its lockdown though place of worship, clubs, schools etc would still be shutdown but its citizen can continue with their day to day business. Is this wise? NO! The pandemic is already in the country why don’t you just wait a little longer and bear the pain instead of the potential lives that might be lost. A very wrong move if you ask me by Ghana.

It is also no longer news that China have been maltreating the Africans in their country and a video went viral where the ambassador to China had to call out the officials in China that seized the Passports of Nigerians and forcefully quarantined them and these where people without any travel history whatsoever. It is so sad that in this day and time Africans still get treated like second class citizens of the world and this is just another example. It is time African governments through the AU stand together and ban everything China till a public apology is carried out and a fine somewhat. If we are being honest China has more to lose than Africa. But would our leaders do it is another story for another day.

Donald Trump is not left out in the campaign to open up businesses and lift the ban on movement of people. Again, it is a wrong move, I think it is only fair to wait it out a little bit more so as not to destroy the good work of our health care providers and overwhelm them again.

Still no sports, still not gathering in fellowship. Take care of your mental health this period and always avoid the negative news out there. We will overcome this. Have a wonderful week.

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