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Money Heist

Money Heist


By popular demand I have been asked to review this TV series. Chiedozie this one is for you. Money Heist also known as La Casa De Papel (reminds me of the Benin republic resort. Trust me it was amazing).

So, Money Heist begins with a man simply known as the Professor that picks up random people to join his team of robbers to rob a Printing and minting press in Spain. The Robbers all go by the name of a major city in the world Tokyo, Nairobi, Rio, Berlin, Denver, Helsinki, Moscow just to mention a few. The Professor made a well detailed plan which had a Plan A, B, C and D for any form of eventuality. During the series we found out that Professor is the younger brother of Berlin and it was actually Berlin’s plan all along. We also found out that Berlin had a terminal illness and it was his way of bowing out in glory which he did. We also found out that the plan was formulated by both Berlin and Palermo actually are the mastermind behind the plans and the Minting press was not the initial plan but the Central Bank of Spain. After successfully robbing the Minting press and becoming somewhat of cult heroes in Spain. They dispersed and went to different countries to enjoy their money till Rio was captured in Season 3 and Tokyo brought back the team to rescue him through another heist.

Season 3 was all about the Bank of Spain, Nairobi being killed by one of the bodyguards who was released by Palermo so he could reclaim control, Raquel being captured and released eventfully by the Professor and the team. Also the professor making sure the chief investigator and negotiator was exposed for torturing Rio in Morocco.

My take: Money Heist is a breathe of fresh air if we are being honest. It is not American, so a culture difference is appreciated especially one that is quite good too. It is action packed, thrilling and the drama is top notch. The storyline is captivating, and we are so empathetic with a bunch of robbers that the hero that should even save the day we despised lol. That is top directing if you ask me. The professor was calculating and for the best part of the movie the best thing to happen to the Heist but special praise should be reserved to Berlin who knew who to pick as the leader, who to be outside controlling events and the right people to get the job done. The writing though leaves much to be desired. Some visible loopholes like Raquel being interrogated in the same place of the heist. The very lazy protection of Raquel considering Tokyo in previous heist had been rescued in similar manner (that was lazy writing) and the Bodyguard going on a personal vendetta instead of being well calculated, for a former military personnel that should know better. Also, the Series is becoming too predictable in some respect. The Chief Investigator finding out the whereabout of Professor reminded us of the same MO Raquel used in finding Professor which is too coincidental, and we all know Professor has a sort of charming way to get out of a thing, like a superpower. I expect that She will properly go into labor while trying to arrest or Kill Professor and maybe before that he will convince her to join them since she was cornered and had nothing else to fall back on. I hope for season Five they can be less predictable though. But a great watch.

I will give it a FOUR STAR out of FIVE due to originality, action and drama, intensity and intrigue. Costume is also great, and gadgets being used is top notch. The Story writing should be better though then it will get my FIVE!

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