NEWS FOR THE WEEK 14TH APRIL 2020… (Lockdown extended, Insecurity in Lagos and Ogun)…

NEWS FOR THE WEEK 14TH APRIL 2020… (Lockdown extended, Insecurity in Lagos and Ogun)…

Mohammadu Buhari *** President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

It is no longer news that Nigeria has extended the lockdown for another two weeks which I must strongly say is the right thing to do or else the Pandemic will spread like wild fire if we do not take the only measure to prevent the virus from spreading.

Others will complain that how do they expect to survive considering most people in Nigeria live on a daily stipend. Sigh, to be honest it is hard, very hard if I am being honest hence the reason we must all be nice to people around us, share from the little you have and give to the people you see that desperately need it even if they do not ask. It is not a time to ask questions, but he looks okay, it seems everything is going well for her. Just help people. One aspect though the President did not speak about in his speech was the state of security especially in Lagos and Ogun state. Robbery has gone up several notch and it is scary. The Police claim the reports are fake but live feeds from different areas state otherwise. People have to protect themselves now standing guard all night, while hoping during the day their source of livelihood is not taken away from them even in the lockdown.

I believe the Government can and should do more. People are hungry and it seems it is between the virus or hunger at this point. The Government should be able to slash salaries of those earning in the millions. Let us be frank what does the Senate need the wardrobe allowances and the likes for this period? The Budget for the Healthcare Centre in Aso Rock that is never used can it not be converted? What are the Local Government chairmen and persons doing please? Shouldn’t they know every Landlord or every estate under them and give relieve material to them.

Also the news going around that an Air force of Nigeria mistakenly bombed a village is something. Such mistakes should not be happening. I hope we are learning from Niger republic who went after the Boko Haram sect and did major damage. We should stop politicizing this war against terror.

With everything going on. We miss socializing, we miss fellowship, we miss going to work, we miss hanging out with family, we miss the seemingly secured environment. We miss our old life that we grumbled about just few weeks back. It is time to be thankful for life, for health, for oxygen, for family, for everything that seemed small but look big at this moment.

Let us keep the hope alive and stay safe people. May God keep us under His wings.

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