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Martin Lawrence X Will Smith…

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith after giving us a haven of a performance in the part 1 was released in 1995 and the sequel followed in 2003. It was just fair they gave us a parting Bad boys movie considering both men where not getting any younger and it was amazing to be honest.

Marcus played by Martin Lawrence a family man finally becomes a grandfather while Mike played by Will Smith still being the Ladies man and afraid of commitment are considering retirement when a jailbreak convict who Mike put away years ago seeks for revenge and sends her son to take out everyone that put her and her husband in jail. After almost killing Mike and killing everyone else involved in the case. Mike recovers fully and seeks revenge but Marcus is not in on the plan considering he had prayed and said he would drop the violence if the Lord saves Mike from the gunshot wounds. But that does not stop Mike from going after the suspect that tried to take his life. After the whole action-packed police work, he finds out that the Assassin might actually be his son, considering the woman he put behind bars was his love interest when he was undercover. His search for the truth takes him to Mexico to face the woman that once loved him but despises him. Everything goes south from there till he convinces Armando (Assassin/His son), who takes a bullet for him before his mother is gun down.

It is a jolly good movie and the end gives way for probably a sequel with Mike/Armando and the gang going to save the world, I will not put it past them. Marcus probably just making cameo appearances. The acting was great and as usual they bring the comedy side to them to the fore. The fighting sequence was good to watch too and generally the storyline was okay.

I will give it 4 stars out of 5 and one you should watch this #Stayhome period. The extra one star is a biased one lol considering I grew up watching the part 1 and 2 which are still amazing just thinking about it.

Remember to #staysafe by staying at home. It is better to be bored, indoors and not see friends and loved once for a while rather than allow them miss you and not see you for life

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