CORONA VIRUS CHRONICLE: The So-called Low-Skilled Workers

CORONA VIRUS CHRONICLE: The So-called Low-Skilled Workers


I was watching a speech and the words moved me I had to share it. It is talking to our humanity and how this pandemic has shown us just what is needed and how it has leveled all of us appropriately. So, I have picked exempts from the speech.

Who is valuable at the moment during this Corona virus? The footballers/Entertainers/hedge fund managers or the Cleaners, Health care givers? Let us learn to value people and not discriminate because the virus is teaching us it does not discriminate any class or religion or tribe. We must learn to show compassion when all this is over. Those supposed low-skilled are the ones we cannot do without. Those we have called non-essential skill are the most essential skill needed to survive the Pandemic. This is a big lesson for humanity to stop valuing things but instead value people. This is another opportunity for us to treat everyone with respect and dignity regardless of the work they do because every role is important. This is the time to learn to respect all culture or tribe or religion because if anything the virus is teaching us it does not discriminate like we humans do. This is the time for our politicians to learn the act of service. They can no longer travel to get the “so-called” best treatments and they must make do with the monster in the health care system they have built. If only they had paid attention to the health-care system probably we will have well-equipped hospitals and well-paid Health care providers.

If only they had improved our educational system. Many would be world class and we will not have to lose our best minds to other countries of the world.  If the politicians had funded our Laboratories and given huge funds for research then our Scientist would not go into event planning, Fashion designing and the likes instead of sticking to their field and develop things that will change our world.

Spread Love not the Virus…

The Virus is teaching a whole lot about humanity and how we have treated our environment. The Pollution rate has reduced. The grasses are greener. The animals are happier, and we can see even nature has given a sigh of relieve this period. We need to be better. I hope we get to be better when all this is over.

Appreciate a hug, appreciate family, appreciate things around us, appreciate nature, appreciate time. Appreciate good health and appreciate life.

A special shoutout to the Governor of Lagos Sanwo-olu. He has been doing great and what he has achieved so far during this pandemic has been great. I have given him enough stick in the past and when someone does good, we should also give him accolades.

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  1. Nice write up as always dear.
    Truly I can relate with the post,these are my thoughts exactly especially the way we have treated mother earth. We have taken people and things for granted ,now we need eachother to Survive this pandemic. I am hoping and praying that when this is over, we will come out with a positive change of heart and attitude to nature and ourselves.


    • This is the prayer and hope. Hopefully we do not go all selective amnesia and repeat the same mistakes that got us here again. Together we can achieve so much more… T21


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