Good Morning ladies and gentlemen and Happy new month to all my readers and fans out there. It has been ages I wrote something down and I feel sad it took this long to pen something down for you all. Please do not give up on me just yet I promise to re-ignite the fire that saw me writing every week. To be honest raising a child, seeing loads of changes at work and the pandemic have all combined in one way or the other to slow down my writing but today I say no more.

So being the first write-up I will be facing everyone’s fear head on. THE CORONA VIRUS also called the COVID-19. I would like to say Corona Virus is real, but it is not a death sentence so living in perpetual fear would just complicate and bring about other health challenges. For once in our lives please let us do what is right for ourselves and for the people, we say we care about which includes washing our hands with soap for at least 20seconds, practicing social distancing by avoiding crowded places, avoid touching your face (one of the hardest things to do), touching objects and places around you.

I am sure you must already know these things but the area I want to focus on this write-up is spreading positivity around. We cannot keep living in perpetual fear, gloom and doom. Yes, the reports are bad, yes people are dying and yes there still is no cure, but these life is too short for us to just hide under fear and forget to live. Thank God in our generation we have the internet. Skype, wechat, whatsapp, Instagram, twitter are lovely ways to reach out to your loved ones (Make sure to make it a video call), find time to also read a book (and if you are like me write and finish the novel you abandoned). Watch a movie, read your Bible, pray. Talk to your spouse, create memory with your family, do goofy things and do videos about them. Trust me we will come out of this and when we do, some of us might not be getting any leave again this year. So basically, have FUN at home. But Most importantly Encourage one another, many might fall into depression this period, but please do not be the harbinger of bad news and fear. Believe me we will defeat CoronaVirus and I believe It is sooner than we think. Until next time, have a fun filled APRIL and remember to tell someone you love them.

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