BAN on Okada Riders and Keke Napep in Lagos…

BAN on Okada Riders and Keke Napep in Lagos…

After much denier the week before by the Lagos state government when the news came out that bikes and tricycles popular known in Nigeria as Okada and Keke Napep have been ban. The Government of Lagos finally came out to ban it (Ironic right? Naah more like typical naija style). So the Government have given a standing order that by the 1st of February 2020 Okadas and Napeps should not ply major roads again in Lagos state.

Let me state I will be speaking from both side of the divide but by the end you should know where I stand in this discuss.

The Government has claimed that the rate at which the accidents caused by bikes is alarming which is true but they where mute on Napeps though in that statistics. They also claimed that the use of Bikes and tricycles to steal was also part of the reason for the ban. Very valid reasons to be honest but then many questions to ask before I talk against this move.

Why did the Government agree to companies like Gokada, Opay and Max to start in the city in the first place? Is there no way to regulate the manner at which these bikes operate rather than a ban? Is robbery only synonymous to bikes alone what about the popular one chance with buses in Lagos? So what alternate means have the government provided to ease traffic in Lagos with this move? How would the livelihood of those affected be handled by the Government? Won’t this just increase the rate of robbery the very thing they where trying to bring down in the first place?

Seriously, I know the menace the Okada riders and Napep riders can cause and the accidents are not palatable at all, just a trip to Igbobi hospital will testify to the fatal accidents but I also think there are better ways to handle things. The traffic in Lagos have not mysteriously gone and there are still several roads still left unattended to by this government causing traffic. I think more of regulation, awareness and handling of these riders by organizations like the one mentioned above would be a better alternative than outright ban if we are being honest. It will also save the livelihood of those that would be affected. The Government should critically investigate this. Every law should not be extreme to be honest the common man should always be considered when dishing out laws because there are more of them in the economy.

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  1. All I know is, it’s almost impossible for the average person to move around without bikes and kekes in Lagos. Lagos is a fast paced city.
    On the other hand, most of the bike riders are rough and reckless. They banned them before and they came back. Let’s see how long this ban would hold.


    • maybe regulate them by allowing only organisations use this service with a clause that if any accident is rider inflicted then the Organization pays not just the hospital bill but a huge fine to both the govt and the person involved. This could make them sit up and do routine checks and training for their drivers… T21


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