The Australian Open 2020…

The Australian Open 2020…

Coco Guaff…

Australian has been hit with huge spiders, a wildfire and now a hailstorm and our hearts and sympathy goes to the people of Australia for all these events plaguing them. We hope the unfortunate events will seize after this one. Over to much more positive news, the AUSTRALIAN OPEN is finally back and I am so excited and there is one name on everyone’s lip and it is the amazing, the talented, the matured, the composed and the young 15 year old COCO GAUFF!

Coco Guaff and Venus Williams…

If you do not know Coco Gauff then you have not been reading my blog and at this point, I got to ask? Where have you been all my life? I forgive, the whole sporting world forgives you, especially Coco Gauff lol. So back to the amazing athlete. She once again came into the Australian open and guess what! Are first match was against the Veteran, my first love in Tennis. Venus Williams who she beat in the Wembley open just last year. She did it again to the Veteran but many might say Venus is already aging and the battles she faces might contribute but Coco was not done when she met Naomi Osaka who had beaten her last year and defeated the two time Grand slam champion who is currently the world number four. Can you beat that?! Coco Gauff is looking everyday increasingly like the real deal and at 15 she has done so much to impress the world. The world is definitely watching now. She goes in her interview after the match “what is my life… this is crazy!!” Oh yes! It is one crazy ride and you should enjoy every single moment of it young lady.

Coco Gauff (R) of the US and Japan’s Naomi Osaka leave the court at the end of their women’s singles match on day five of the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne on January 24, 2020. (Photo by William WEST / AFP) / IMAGE RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – STRICTLY NO COMMERCIAL USE

She has qualified for the last 16 and who knows this might just be the year she wins a Grand slam. I know nobody is giving her a chance considering she is just 15. But I am one of those sold over to the project and I want that 15year old to shock the world considering my second love in Tennis Serena Williams has crashed out from the Australian open uncharacteristically. Coco go ahead and shock the world darling you  have earned it.

In other news; Happy birthday Femi Adeniji, you have been one of many sold out to this blog so much so that you post it on all social media platform. We cannot thank you enough for the love and kind gesture. Keeping soaring and shining bro. He is also an amazing multitalented drummer if I do say so myself.

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