Tyler Perry brings to us an amazing movie titled A FALL FROM GRACE and in my usual way I am tasked with the job of reviewing the movie objectively without outside influence or following the crowd. So here goes lol.

The movie is about an elderly divorcee that was encouraged by her friend to explore the possibility of dating again. The friend encouraged her to go to an arts gallery where she “fortunately” meets this amazing man and finds out he is all and even more she could ever hope for. At first, she could not understand why a man younger than her with all the cuteness would want an elderly woman like her but soon enough she found herself falling for him. He said the right words and did the right things. Soon enough he proposed, and she accepted without a second thought because he was so gentle. But you know when something is so good to be true, it always ends up being too good to be true. She later found out that he was just there for her money, which he conveniently wiped all of it, used her house to collect huge money without any attempt to pay back and used her log in detail to get money from the bank she worked in and transfer money away which she did not own. That act got her fired by her workplace and sued also. It got so worse he started bringing women to the house and rubbing it in her face. The nice, church going, and soft-spoken woman had had enough, and she reacted violently by hitting him hard with a baseball baton. Killing him in the process (So we thought). She pleaded guilty to the death of her husband and wanted a plea bargain with a lesser sentence and a prison close to her son. The Office of the Public defender sent a rookie to close the deal, but the said rookie felt something was wrong. There was something more that met the eyes. She begged the woman to defend herself instead of settling. The summary of it was that the Rookie lawyer found out the friend of the woman was a con and the alleged dead husband was the son of the friend. They had played the woman from the get-go.  They had read the woman up; knew she had money and went in to get all of it and this was not their first victim. The son was also not dead but was rescued by his mother when the lady called her “friend” to report what she had done.

The lessons from the movie are intense; The enemy of a man or woman are those from his or her household. They use what they know about you to bring you down and it is evident with this movie. We must also check for the signs and make sure we do not ignore our gut feeling when it tingles. It is almost always right.

The movie had some subpar acting to be honest, like a police officer is always with his partner, how come the rookie lawyer’s husband was all alone towards the end of the movie. Then I also noticed he magically had two handcuffs which I am not sure happens in real situations. Then saying someone killed a person without a body found just like that? But overall it is an amazing movie and I will rate it a 3.5 out of 5 STARS.

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  1. I enjoyed the movie for what it was but I doubt I’ll be seeing it again because like you said everything was ok till the last few scenes that raised questions for me like who called the police to report that she killed her husband? Besides in the opening scene where that woman jumped off the roof she was allegedly supposed to have be staying in that con woman’s house. When things like that happen that person’s house is usually “swept” to find evidence/triggers as to what caused her to jump


    • Thank you. the writing was weak and did not cover the missing links and potholes that would raise these kind of questions… He should do better in the next movie. Though it was a good storyline.. T21


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