Power of Association…

Power of Association…

It is not rocket science that we do need people in life. The kind of people you associate either make you or mar you. They show the direction your life is headed and can be the determining factor in your success in life or your failure. So, it is imperative that you choose wisely the kind of people you associate with because we actually need people in life, and no one is an island. A popular saying of one of my Mentor goes “You might not choose the family you come from, but you can choose the spouse and friends you have.

The Spouse you choose will go a long way in determining your future and the future of your posterity. Take it from me the man or woman you marry will influence you either positively or negatively, you cannot run away from it. That is why you must be deliberate about your choice. It is more than just the wedding day. It is more than just the beautiful face or amazing body. The character must be considered, the believes, the family where your spouse comes from, his or her reaction to matters that concern children. (The list is endless). But your spouse will determine your future and your posterity.

Your Friends… The popular saying, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are, is a golden quote that holds true. If your friends are not headed anywhere most likely you wouldn’t either. They are either pushing you to be better or pushing you to regress or stagnate. You must deliberately choose your circle because your circle will determine your worth. Also be the friend that will build others.

MENTORS… Those that Mentor you will determine to a certain level how far you go in life. Mentors are there to correct, to guide and to help those they mentor not make the same mistake they made.

Business… Those you associate at work and in business can also go a long way in either making you a success story or a grumbler. To be honest your associates in business or at work can either push the business forward or allow it to retrogress. Choose wisely.

Remember your associates can either make you or mar you. It is a decision you must take wisely and patiently to achieve success. You are the associates you keep. Remember there is strength in Unity but in the right Unity.

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