Entrepreneurship: Myth and Facts…

Entrepreneurship: Myth and Facts…

Good morning wonderful people, today I am doing a write up of ENTREPRENUERSHIP. I would not give the conventional definition of it but the real-life definition or maybe the Naija one lol. It is a business (that can develop into a company small scale, medium scale or even big scale)a person sets out to do by himself or with trust friends with the same set goal either for the passion or for the money (actually the passion should in the long run lead to making money lol).

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us banish some myths and speak some home truth which I will call facts. You need a sort of capital to make it in business. Some businesses might fail, and it might honestly not be any fault of yours. Dropping out of school to pursue your dreams is a dangerous risk and before you mention Bill Gates and Mark Zukerberg, I will let you in on a little secret Bill’s mum was a board member at United Way with the IBM CEO. IBM was later microsoft’s breakthrough. So it was not like he came from a poor family or needed to hustle hard to get the capital to start his business, besides he had the privilege of a big system to play with and expand his mind. What about Mark someone will ask? Mark’s dad was rich enough to offer to buy him a McDonald’s to run if he didn’t want to go to college. So, he had family money to fall back on. What I am saying is simple. You can build up your business while trying to raise capital to sustain it before fully launching out. I have a friend which is into the Fashion industry. She worked in the E-commerce sphere for a while, made sure her business was grounded before jetting out and now her business is doing exceptionally well (#Mimiscreation). Discipline is also another factor you will have to consider in this kind of business. You would have to put in a whole lot of time, effort and sacrifice to get to where you want to be. Also, for no reason should you eat into your capital or start living a high maintenance lifestyle even if you start making profit early. Re-invest into the company and expand it instead of going the I-have-arrived route.  Have a wonderful day.

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