It is no longer news that the Ukrainian Airplane crashed and all on board the airplane are dead. It is also no longer news that majority of people in the plane where Canadians, Ukrainians and Iranians. Officials of the airline said there was good visibility and the flight crew where experienced and new information already claims it was not due to engine failure though international regulations state that the country in which the crash happens will lead investigations regarding a crash, in this case Iran. But like I asked the last time was this in any way related to the USA and Iran squabble? Please read on.

News reaching us states that the flight was shot down by missiles from the Iranian Defense. Though it is not unusual for air defense systems in conflict zones to shoot down airlines, but this would be a grieve error if we are being sincere considering the airline left the international airport on the scheduled time so they would have known it would pass through their air space. So, was this an act of retaliation by Iran gone wrong?

It will not be unusual for countries like Iran to sacrifice their own for a supposed greater course from fighting’s in the past and it would not be the first missile shut from Iran after the killing of their famous general. They attacked some bases in Iraq though the Iraqi government claimed that it was informed before those strikes where melted out which was directed at the US forces. The Iraqi government also claimed they informed the US citizens to evacuate the base. (This was also collaborated by Donald Trump that no US lives where lost). With this it would not be far off from the truth that Iran could have brought down that plane.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada…

If we are being sincere this is hugely embarrassing for the Iranian authorities because they might just have played into Trumps hands. What Trump did is totally wrong and condemnable but retaliating on innocent citizens from other countries is a whole new low from Iran. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he had received intelligence from multiple sources stating that the plane was actually shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile, adding that it could be unintentional. Which leads me to the next question. If it was intentional what would be the next step for Canada, Ukraine and other countries who had citizens in that plane? Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom as also re-echoed what Trudeau said, and he promised to work hand in hand with Canada on this. Trudeau unlike his USA counterpart did not apportion blame or threaten. He called for calm till all investigations were carried out.

Amid tensions by the killing of Soleimani on 3rd of January 2020, Iran though initially refusing to release the black box have come out to admit it was their missile. So, what is the next step after this admission? With this dilemma though Trump will be having the last laugh, but this is time for the UN to come into play here and restore peace while pacifying countries that are aggrieved. Yes, no matter what is done now, it will not bring back the lives of those innocently caught in the crossfire of these squabble, but before it escalates any further it is time something must be done. We will look forward to the coming days which will be very crucial to the world. Once again, I would advocate for peace, let everyone put down their ego, hurt, pride and pain and find a common ground to squash any impeding doom from any drastic actions. If need be sanctions should be melted out and obeyed by all parties involved but enough of the bloodshed.

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