It is a new year and there are movies to keep an eye on in this new year. Marvel totally won over our hearts with the end of phase 3 in the movie AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Also, there was The Lion King from Disney, there was STARWARS, there was IT just to mention a few. But all that is in the past and we must look into the future. So, without further ado let us go ahead and make a mention of some of the numerous movies then.

Black Widow

She had always been a supporting cast in the Marvel world but after the death of Tony Stark and the aging of Cap. It is only fair we explore the dark twisted world of the Black Widow; Agent Natasha Romanoff. With no Super power it is promised an all action James Bond-ish, Mission impossible-ish, Bourne series-ish kind of action package and if you do not remember any of those movies maybe a John Wick kind of action will give you a clearer picture.

30th April

The Invisible Man

It is bound to be thrilling and amazing. I won’t say much just wait for it. Born out of an horror novel it promises to be spell binding.

28th Feb

A quiet place II

If you have not watched a quiet place then you should. An action movie about monsters that cannot see but are highly sensitive to sound and killed almost everyone on earth. Though we do not know which other angle they would want to come with in this movie but the first part was definitely interesting hopefully they do not ruin the movie with this second instalment

20th March

007 No time to die

For the James bond lovers like me, 007 is coming to our screens again but to be honest I am not a fan of Daniel craig playing the role of one of my favourite character; James Bond. I can only wait pessimistically they do not ruin another James Bond movie for me

3rd April

Wonder woman 1984

If you watched the first instalment of Wonder woman you will definitely know it is a bright spot in an otherwise dark and hopeless DC universe. Gal Galdot did an amazing job playing Wonder woman and with the villain set to be likely the Cheetah it is one I look forward to watching considering it will be coming out few days after my birthday.

June 5th

Soul (pixar animation)

A pixar animation starring Jamie Foxx promises to be hilarious, yet adventurous and trust Pixar to give you a wonderful animated movie. With the likes of Inside Out I have high hopes for this one if I am being honest and I cannot wait to watch it.

June 19


Another movie to look out for. I would be tight lipped about this one

17 July

The Eternals (Marvel movie)

And finally, Marvel comes out with the ETERNAL. It has been long overdue if I am being honest. It promises to be magical with aliens and teleporting issh. This movie to be honest will be pivotal in the success of Phase 4 of the Marvel Universe.

 November 6

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