Donald Trump…

It is no longer news that the President of the United State in person of Donald Trump Sanctioned an airstrike to take down one of the generals of the Iranian Army in person of Qassem Soleimani.

According to reports Qassem is a dangerous man, a necessary evil America has tried to contain to avoid war but with his death as Trump just declared war on the United states and its citizens?

Trump came out via his social media handle to reiterate that if Iran tried to retaliate and destroy any person or asset of the United states, that he will strike back hard on Iran. It seems all is set for a showdown to be honest, one in which the world is not ready for to be honest with every economy trying to savage something against global warming, against world poverty just to mention a few. Iraq also have come out to speak against the act by USA and have stood in solidarity with Iran on this one and they have threatened to remove every US soldier from their lands. Iran’s Government also have called for the head of Donald Trump on live TV which is expected and the coming days will keep everyone apprehensive of the next course of action from both camps.

To be honest there is no one in the right if we are to be honest because Iran also have been playing dodgy in the past. The greatest losers for this are surely the people that their lives are at risk in both countries and the major gainers are the Weapons companies. One way or the other the rest of the world will be caught in the middle of this and it is time to call for peace to be honest. The World war 1 and 2 still has a whole lot of memories and trauma that are still healing to be honest. Families torn apart, different post war diseases that affected generations and nations still holding grudges against nation, now this?

My Verdict is there is nothing good that comes out from fighting or violence no matter how justified. Innocent people will always be caught in the crossfire of events like this. It is time people speak out and ask for peace so that the world can be better for it.

P.S my heart goes out to the people of Australia that have lost someone or properties. We are thankful to God for the rains and hope such a devastating event does not occur again.

Have a wonderful day and remember to always put a smile on someone’s face.

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  1. Love to the Australians and peace to the world.

    Trump might have in his frenzy to change the headlines regarding impeachment plunged the world into a no win situation …..WW3.


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