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                                       FLIGHT GONE SOUTH VII

Ethiopian Airline…

Compliments of the season and welcome to the year 2020. Happy new day, Happy end of the week, Happy new month, Happy new year and happy new decade. Towards the end of last year, I had to disappear for a good reason. First to readjust to life with the little miss Sunshine and to refuel my battery for the new year. I have so much planned for this year and I hope you all will join me on this beautiful ride. Announcements will be made on the new activities lined up, just sit back relax and join me on this Soul train ride called 2020. Let’s go over to the beautiful Flight gone south with OJ.

My name is OJ for those new here and Happy new year. If you are just reading my story for the first time then you have not missed so much, I am an Air Host. You know those beautiful ladies that announce stuff on planes and dress so smartly and when they speak it is so serenading? Oh yes, I am sure you do, I am the male version lol. Let us go over to the story for the day.

On a flight to Ivory Coast, the passengers where boarding and everything seemed to be going on according to plan and everyone was conveniently sited and hand luggage put away. The Hostess in charge of announcement made the customary announcement while the pilot also announced taking off and all. When we where on the tracks and about to lift something seemed to happen and my heart began to bound, I had experienced a near death experience before, I was not about to experience another I will just resign lol. The pilot turned back from the runway and went back, and an announcement was made about some technical issues which the engineer had to check before takeoff. Then the murmurs and ranting started, “eeeh I don’t want to die ooo, biko let me come down” said one, “This pilot are you sure he can fly at all, I am too young to die ooo” came another, “Nigeria sef, nothing hardly works well which one is technical issue”, “Blood of Jesus, my enemies will not get me”, “Alhamdulillah!” etc. These where all normal reactions and it did not get to me until a white man called for my attention, “Young man please come here!” I went to meet the white man, “What is going on?” he asked though in a loud manner that drew the attention of other passengers, I knew I had to pick my words wisely to avoid fear and panic, “It is just a safety check, the Pilot wants to make sure everything is intact before we make the flight as your safety is our priority” I replied with my best smile and customer centric line. “O bullshit!!” came the unexpected reply, “why are all blacks like this? Just to fly a simple gaddamn it” he continued. My blood began to boil, I knew I could not contain it anymore if he said one more racist statement. I could take anything but not a racist bigot and I knew I was going to make sure he learnt a lesson about looking down on people. “I am sure we have very capable hands that have good enough experience to fly our planes safely sir, you have nothing to worry about” I replied softly but firmly. “you dare talk back at me young man; I will make sure you lose your job arse. You and that stupid pilot of yours. Please I want to get down from this plane”. “Is that really what you want? Your satisfaction is our priority Afterall” I replied with a hint of sarcasm in my voice. “You heard me the first time or are you deaf, get me down now!!” I gave him a warm smile, but I knew what was going to happen to him. He was going to eventually go to TANGO CITY. I turned and went straight for the phone that connected to the pilot and reported the incidence of an ABUSIVE PAX turned DISRUPTIVE PAX.

In minutes Police officers where at the foot of the plane. We allowed them entry and explained things to them. They went straight to the man “You are under arrest sir for disruption of the peace in the plane and abusing an official. Kindly follow us please”. The man became humble ad followed the police to loud cheers from the other passengers. Peace immediately returned to the plane and as the white man passed me, I gave him a wink for effect lol. Until next time enjoy this flight to greatness in the new year.

P.S Racism against anyone is wrong, Tribalism is equally way up there. Let us treat everyone fairly and objectively.

TANGO CITY: A holding area they put abusive or disruptive passengers

ABUSIVE PAX: An Abusive passenger

DISRUPTIVE PAX: A Disruptive passenger.

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