The News Dec. 9th

The News Dec. 9th

It is amazing to be back again this Monday morning, bear with me I know I have not been consistent with my post due to the new family adjustments, but a balance will be found soonest lol. Over to the news.

Anthony Joshua is 2nd time World Champion.

Anthony Joshua…

In faraway Saudi Arabia, it was a make or mar title bout for Anthony Joshua the former World boxing champion of the world. Andy Ruiz had instigated one of the major upsets in World boxing back in June to win the Belts from Anthony Joshua. I had my doubts back in June of the general well being of Joshua but both him and his camp vehemently denied anything was wrong though his father seemed to show otherwise just after that fight. Fast forward to the #JoshuaRuiz2 and Joshua came in stones lighter and seemed more focused for this in the other corner Andy Ruiz weighed even more than he did in the first fight, he was living the life being the new champion and focusing on the next fight.

It did not come as a surprise when Joshua tweaked his tactics in respect of his opponent who was a better puncher but was so overweight, he could not move around. I call it the Mayweather tactics because Mayweather had perfected the art of gaining points and defending which gave him is 49-0 victory in all his career. This was a side to AJ that we had not seen before. Before now he felt he could outpunch any boxer and knock any boxer down, but with the defeat, his first defeat in professional boxing, he saw another side into boxing and this episode with Ruiz will make Joshua a better fighter. He is now Two-time World boxing champion, but the question remains, will Wilder and Joshua ever be in the ring together?

Before I end this piece, Joshua also came out to confirm my strong believe that something was wrong with him in June and he even had to undergo a minor operation for it. We are glad he is back and with his belt. Next up the Gypsy King vs Wilder next year.

The Manchester Derby

Manchester United

This weekend was an amazing one for sports. Manchester in England was the venue and two coaches were in the spotlight for two completely different reasons. One was there to save his job while the other wanted to close the gap Liverpool had built in the course of the season. Ole and Pep respectively where not happy men going into this fixture, though Solkjaer had done one against over Jose Mourinho in midweek. Pep Guardiola and Manchester city were something totally different.

On Match day we saw a determined and industrious Manchester United team who prevailed using the counterattack tactics and every player was on form on the day. It was amazing to watch, and it worked to perfection. It would not surprise some of us because Manchester United under Ole had not lost to the Big six this season and that run continued against Manchester City who saw themselves down, two goals scored by Rashford (Penalty) and a sublime finish by Martial. It will be a day to always remember in Manchester. For now, Manchester is RED.


It is no longer news that Sowore has been re-arrested by the DSS, there are many angles to this but my advice for the government is simple when the rule of law is abused which is meant for the governed and those who lead then the country begins to end to a failed state.

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